AI and Cybersecurity Expert Troy Williams Urges Organizations to Prioritize Education Amidst Growing Threats

Information Systems Inc. (TN License #C545), a leading investigative and cybersecurity firm founded in 1993, announces the launch of, a non-profit initiative aimed at providing comprehensive AI and cybersecurity education to organizations facing escalating digital threats. Troy Williams, the company's founder and a renowned AI and cybersecurity expert, emphasizes the critical need for proactive training and awareness to mitigate the risks posed by rapidly evolving technologies.
LEBANON, Tenn. - March 21, 2024 - PRLog -- Lebanon, Tennessee - Information Systems Inc. (License #C545), a leading provider of investigative services and cybersecurity solutions since its formation in 1993, today issued an urgent call to action for businesses, private organizations, and government entities to prioritize education and proactive measures in the face of rapidly evolving cyber threats and the increasing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into digital infrastructures.

Troy Williams, founder and CEO of Information Systems Inc. and a renowned private investigator and AI and cybersecurity authority, emphasized the critical importance of AI and cybersecurity education. "As someone who has dedicated my career to providing meticulous investigative services and background checks, I have witnessed firsthand the devastating consequences of cyber attacks and the vulnerabilities introduced by AI systems. It is imperative that organizations take immediate action to educate themselves and their employees on these risks," said Williams.

To address this urgent need, Williams and his team at Information Systems Inc. are currently developing a comprehensive educational resource called CyberSmarts.AI. This non-profit initiative, based in Tennessee, aims to provide consumers and businesses with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complex landscape of AI and cybersecurity.

The rapid advancements in AI have brought forth unprecedented opportunities but have also created new avenues for malicious actors to exploit. The consequences of a breach can be catastrophic, leading to data breaches, intellectual property theft, reputational damage, and significant financial losses. Organizations that fail to prioritize AI and cybersecurity education are leaving themselves exposed to these risks.

Information Systems Inc., with its extensive experience since 1993, strongly advocates for a proactive approach to AI and cybersecurity. This begins with comprehensive education and training programs that equip individuals at all levels of the organization with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and mitigate risks. From understanding the fundamentals of AI and its potential vulnerabilities to implementing robust security measures and incident response plans, every aspect of cybersecurity must be addressed.

"Staying informed about the latest threats, best practices, and industry standards is crucial," added Williams. "Organizations must regularly participate in workshops, conferences, and training sessions to stay ahead of the curve and remain resilient in the face of evolving cyber threats. CyberSmarts.AI will serve as a valuable resource to support these efforts."

Information Systems Inc. urges organizations to act now and invest in AI and cybersecurity education. By fostering a culture of vigilance and collaborating with experts in the field, organizations can fortify their defenses, protect valuable data, and maintain the trust of stakeholders.

"The cost of ignorance far outweighs the investment in education," warned Williams. "Organizations cannot afford to wait until it's too late. Prioritizing AI and cybersecurity education today is essential for securing their future in the digital age. We invite everyone to join us in this mission and to stay tuned for the launch of CyberSmarts.AI."

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Information Systems Inc. is a leading provider of comprehensive investigative services and cybersecurity solutions based in Lebanon, Tennessee. Founded in 1993 by Troy Williams, a renowned private investigator and AI and cybersecurity authority, the company is dedicated to helping organizations safeguard their digital assets and maintain the highest standards of cybersecurity. With a team of experienced professionals and cutting-edge technologies, Information Systems Inc. delivers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring the protection of valuable data and the preservation of trust in the digital age.

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