Caitlyn Jenner Echoes Reasons to Protect Girls - BACKGROUND

Serious Injuries As Well as Fundamental Unfairness in Many Sports
WASHINGTON - March 18, 2024 - PRLog -- Caitlyn Jenner, perhaps the world's best known transgender woman, just strongly endorsed support for a Nassau County NY ban on transgender athletes competing against girls and women, saying that it's not about being anti-trans but rather pro-women's sports.

Her statement emphasized not just the inherent unfairness of forcing females to compete against males who are almost always stronger, faster, bigger, and more athletic than their female counterparts, but also the growing number of serious and even permanent injuries girls and women have had inflicted upon them by males permitted to compete as women.

Serious injuries to girls and women forced to compete against M2F athletes in many sports - including Mixed Martial Arts, Basketball, Hockey, Boxing, Rugby, Field Hockey, Soccer, and Volleyball - have been reported by Professor John Banzhaf of the George Washington University.

As just one example, Jenner noted an incident where a girl was spiked in the face by a much bigger and stronger M2F volleyball player; a single spike which caused her permanent injuries.

This is similar to the somewhat more detailed analysis of this same injury which occurred in volleyball, a non-contact sport, by Prof John Banzhaf, a volleyball enthusiast who plays with and coaches both male and female volleyball players at his own George Washington University.

He wrote about not only why such injuries are likely to occur, but also to dramatize just how unfair it is to permit boys to compete against girls, even in non-tact sports.

Banzhaf, who has defended the rights of transgender students, argues that the ban is necessary because:

■ In most sports and situations, M2F transgender athletes have a very significant size and strength advantage over their female competitors which can rob girls and women of opportunities to compete fairly and win, to obtain scholarships and other advantages, as well as seriously damaging their morale and discouraging their very participation in sports

■ In many sports - even non-contact sports such as volleyball - there is a very real and clearly established danger of serious and possibly permanent physical injuries to girls and women from M2F opponents

■ Forcing girls and women to shower and change clothing with a M2F biological man with male genitalia on their team violates their right to sexual and bodily privacy; an especially serious problem for young girls, and one which would amount to sexual harassment as well as illegal sexual exposure in virtually any other situation

■ Girls are actually being punished for refusing to play against M2F opponents, and even for simply speaking out against males on female teams.  @profbanzhaf

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