"The Nihilist's Pocket Survival Guide to Modern Society" by Tungyn Cheque

The ultimate survival handbook for Boomer, Millennial, and GenXYZ angst!
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Front Cover
Front Cover
AVE MARIA, Fla. - March 18, 2024 - PRLog -- Vox Veritas Vita Press is pleased to announce the release of "The Nihilist's Pocket Survival Guide to Modern Society," a brilliantly witty and satirical novel by Tungyn Cheque. This book takes readers on a hilarious journey through contemporary life, as seen through the eyes of the unforgettable protagonist, R. L. (Rectum Leviticus).

R. L., a deeply inquisitive character and avowed nihilist, navigates the absurdities of modern society with a unique blend of irreverence, wit, and wisdom. Cheque's narrative style is a wonderful meld of humor and an observant tone that instantly grabs the attention of readers. Through R. L.'s anecdotes and reflections, readers are invited into a world where conventional norms and expectations are shrugged off in favor of a liberating sense of detachment.

Critics are raving about the book. BookLife by Publishers Weekly praises the work as "seriously silly," while The Book Commentary deems it "a must-read for anyone seeking a fresh take on dealing with the absurdities of contemporary life." Authors Reading calls it captivating and states, "Cheque's work is humorously irreverent, explicit, and unapologetically skewers contemporary American culture."

"The Nihilist's Pocket Survival Guide to Modern Society" is more than just a novel; it's a satirical handbook for navigating the modern world. Each chapter concludes with "Rectum's Survival Tips," a collection of absurdist life advice and observations that will leave readers laughing out loud. Tungyn Cheque has crafted a truly unique and entertaining work that is sure to resonate with readers who appreciate sharp wit and biting social commentary.

The book is now available in paperback and ebook formats at all major retailers. For more information or to purchase a copy: Vox Veritas Vita Press, Purchase Links.

A full Media/Press Kit with all relevant details can be downloaded here: MEDIA KIT

Press and other inquiries contact: Vox Veritas Vita Press, 413 626-2909, 4446 Battlecreek Way, Ave Maria, FL 34142 vvvpresseditor@voxveritasvitapress.com


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