Sip Social Co. Partners With Craft Standard Draft Cocktails Increasing Offerings & Efficiency

Mobile bar company to provide draft cocktails working together with its mobile bar cart technology showcasing premium cocktails
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Sip Social Co. Leader in Mobile Bar Services
Sip Social Co. Leader in Mobile Bar Services
AUSTIN, Texas - March 12, 2024 - PRLog -- Sip Social Co. (Sip), the largest mobile bar cart rental company in the U.S., and Canada, today announced their partnership with CS - Draft Cocktails, a Draft Cocktail solution servicing major venues nationwide. The new drink offerings will expand Sips' line of boozy cocktails available via their revolutionary mobile bar carts, making events more efficient with the ability to provide high-quality, delicious, and classic cocktails at scale.

Sips' interactive bar carts and mobile bar technology continue to provide elevated experiences for various events from industry conventions to both large and small public and private functions. With over 40 locations throughout the US and Canada, the company also continues to refine and grow their services as well as their menu.

CS - Draft Cocktails delivers premium kegged cocktails, at scale. CS increases both productivity and profit for mobile bar owners, and is the only product on the market compatible with the Sankey D Coupler System, used to serve draft beer in most venues across the U.S. The company's patented Spiker attachment enables bartenders to pour nine liters of spirits, or other mixes, in a matter of minutes - dramatically shortening the time it normally takes to mix a specialty cocktail.

"After observing the evolution, and growth, of the craft cocktail sector, we decided that now was the right time to provide this enhanced drink option to our clients across the US. We're thrilled about our partnership with CS - Draft Cocktails," said Jeff Jacobs, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sip. "CS is known for their industry leading patented cocktail technology and ideal for us, nationwide distribution and availability to our 40+ locations."

Sip Social's mobile bar tech stack is fully customizable including the drink menu. The ready-to-drink Draft Cocktails include Classic Margaritas, Moscow Mules, Mojitos, Palomas, Hard Lemonade, and thousands of other customizable options. Sip customers will enjoy increased efficiency, consistency of flavor and quality, reduced waste, increased speed of service, and flexibility. The new partnership will also result in improving operations and enhancing overall customer experience.

"At CS – Draft Cocktails, we aim to make amazing fast - we are at the first part of a significant industry shift: draft cocktails are the future, and spirits continue to see significant growth volumetrically, as well as financially, for the industry," said Matt Bruhn, CEO, CS. "Our technology – a proprietary funnel that depressurizes a keg containing a non-alc cocktail mix – allows retailers, such as Sip Social, to add their own liquor, or other mixers, such as sakes, on site. CS – Draft Cocktails has been on a transformative journey thus far, and we are excited to expand with great partners, including Sip Social."

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About Sip Social Co

Sip Social Co is the leader in the mobile bar cart service, with 40 locations across North America. At Sip Social Co, we are a team of seasoned industry veterans that love to innovate and are passionate about making each and every event memorable. Partnering with the world's top brands, you can find us at various social and corporate events in your city!

About CS – Draft Cocktails

Craft Standard Draft Cocktails' proprietary, patent-pending solution allows bars, restaurants, and venues nationwide to serve consistently great-tasting cocktails utilizing the same system used to serve draft beer. By reducing customer wait times, eliminating shrink, and allowing today's smaller staffs to sell and serve more cocktails, CS - Draft Cocktails regularly boosts profits from mixed drinks by 30% or more.

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