Introducing RealStat: The Insightful Solution for Real Estate Professionals

From the award-winning artificial intelligence, insight and data platform, Revaluate
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Report Card
GOLDEN, Colo. - Nov. 9, 2023 - PRLog -- Revaluate, is artificial intelligence, insight and data for the real estate and mortgage industry that segments lists and databases for marketers by propensity to move, is proud to introduce "RealStat," a groundbreaking solution designed to empower real estate professionals, teams and the industry. It's available starting on Thursday November 9th.

Real estate professionals are all too familiar with the sinking feeling of losing a potential sale to another agent. Whether it's the drive-by with another agent's sign in the yard or a social media post revealing that your past client's property listed with a different agent, especially in this market where each listing is more valuable, the agony of missed opportunities can be unbearable. In the competitive world of real estate, it's crucial to have the right tools and insights to stay ahead of the game.

"The primary problem that RealStat addresses is the need for a comprehensive and real-time view of the active listings within a real estate professional's client database. This new product offers an instant and accurate health check of what's happening within your client database. Never before has the industry had access to such a level of insight," said Chris Drayer, CEO & Co-founder of Revaluate.

RealStat is a digital coach, a live dashboard that provides real estate professionals with the information they need to make informed decisions, find listings and stay competitive in the market. It offers a wide range of benefits, including:
  • Grades the Database Quality: RealStat allows you to audit your database for completeness.
  • Identifies opportunities for Growth: Displays lost commissions over the last 12 months offering a snapshot of how your marketing to your database is performing so you can see the opportunities at your disposal.
    Effectiveness of Outgoing Marketing: RealStat allows real estate professionals to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, providing valuable insights into what works and what doesn't.
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Prior Marketing: Without measurement, it's impossible to know which marketing strategies are delivering results. RealStat helps bridge this gap.
  • Identifying Expireds and Potential Listings in Your Database: RealStat can identify people in your database who have listed their properties, with or without your assistance.
  • Enhanced Contact Information: By using RealStat, you can ensure that your contact data, including physical addresses and email addresses, is more complete and accurate.
  • Compliance with Marketing Regulations: RealStat helps agents avoid marketing to individuals with active listings, reducing the risk of violating regulations and facing fines.
  • Expert Guidance: The Revaluate Lab connects you with industry experts who can provide insights into additional automation, systems and scripts to get more listings.
  • Geography Visualization: RealStat allows you to visually see where your database is on a map - along with where your marketing is working and not working.
RealStat seamlessly integrates with Revaluate's award-winning and trusted AI platform, which predicts likely movers and offers top-tier contact data quality. Together, this powerful combination validates whether real estate professionals are effectively staying in front of their clients or losing them along the way.

"Revaluate is so far ahead in its thinking and knows how to provide the data that is critical for me to build my real estate business the way it needs to be built." said Barry Jenkins, CMO and owner of Better Homes and Gardens NAGR in Virginia Beach.

RealStat is set to become an invaluable tool for real estate professionals seeking to gain a competitive edge, enhance their marketing strategies, and improve their database management. Revaluate is proud to introduce this new solution to the real estate industry, enabling professionals to prevent missed opportunities and secure their sales.

For more information about RealStat and Revaluate, please visit

About Revaluate:
Revaluate is artificial intelligence for the real estate and mortgage industry. Revaluate segments lists and databases for marketers by propensity to move. The award winning third-party validated accuracy is the best in the industry at identifying people who are likely to move in the next six months.


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