One Trump Racketeering Defendant Flips; More Are Likely

Many Reasons Why Georgia is So Dangerous For Those Charged With Trump
WASHINGTON - Oct. 2, 2023 - PRLog -- Scott Hall, one of the 19 defendants in the Georgia racketeering [RICO] case against Donald Trump, has agreed to testify against Trump and his other co-defendants after pleading guilty to five misdemeanor charges.

But he may be only the first of several named defendants to likewise agree to testify against others  ["flip"] also charged with engaging in racketeering, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who filed the formal legal complaint which led to the criminal investigation of Trump and the resulting criminal indictment of 19 defendants.
Law Professor's Complaint Leads to Investigation Into Trump's 'Find 11,800 Votes' Call (

Banzhaf notes that in criminal trials involving many defendants, and especially in RICO cases, those lower-level defendants who are among the first to agree to testify against the others usually receive the best plea deals involving the lightest sentences.

On the other hand, those who wait until after the prosecutor has already built up a strong case, in part on the testimony of the early flippers, has little leverage to obtain similar good deals.

The law professor also cites many other reasons why more defendants are likely to agree to flip in the Georgia criminal case than in other criminal cases involving Trump.

Banzhaf also points out that a witness in the federal Mar-a-Lago documents case, Yuscil Taveras, who had previously denied having any useful information for prosecutors, agreed to testify against Trump and several other defendants once he was represented by new counsel.   @profbanzhaf

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