Robotics and Automation are Driving Demand for Upgraded Warehouse Management Systems concludes new report from the Mobile Robot Directory

LONDON - Oct. 2, 2023 - PRLog -- A new market study by STIQ published by the Mobile Robot Directory finds that surging adoption of robotics and automation in warehouses globally is creating significant demand for upgraded and modernized Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

The report, based on interviews with over 30 C-level executives from leading warehouse software firms, reveals most companies deploying robots or automation see a need to invest in next-generation WMS capabilities to fully optimize their automated operations.

"With robots and automation achieving rapid penetration into warehouses and DCs, most firms are finding their legacy WMS solutions don't provide the advanced orchestration and optimization they need," explained Emil Hauch Jensen, Co-Founder of the Mobile Robot Directory. "Our research clearly points to robots and automation becoming the #1 driver of upgrades and modernization in the WMS software market."

Additional key insights from the report include:

- The adoption of mobile robots and other automation technologies are increasing the performance and efficiency of warehouse operators, but also disrupting per-user based pricing models from WMS providers.

- The lines between WMS and WES are blurring as automation control modules are bundled into core WMS offerings, while new specialized software like Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) and Robotic Control Systems (RCS) are rising to orchestrate tasks across heterogeneous robots and automation equipment.

- Real-time orchestration, dynamic optimization and seamless interoperability with various equipment brands emerge as key required capabilities.

- On-premise WCS retains criticality for low latency machine control, necessitating hybrid cloud WMS architectures.

- Adoption of microservices and suite-based WMS+WES solutions accelerate to enable rapid response to evolving automation needs.

"With warehouse automation going mainstream, modern WMS platforms provide the brains to orchestrate flexible operations and optimize these complex robotic environments," Jensen added. "Legacy WMS won't cut it anymore for automated DCs."

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