Top Ways Women Entrepreneurs Leave Money on the Table

Wealth generation coach Christine Walsh shows women entrepreneurs the nine ways they're getting in their own way when it comes to building wealth.
By: The Whitter Group
Christine Walsh, Wealth Generation Money Coach
Christine Walsh, Wealth Generation Money Coach
DENVER - Aug. 23, 2023 - PRLog -- Within the next 12 months, women will control more than ⅓ of the world's wealth, yet still lack the resources, tools and knowledge they need to truly embrace this power. It's time to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs access wealth in their businesses and their lives. Christine Walsh, author of Be the Queen of Your Money, offers these 9 insights into how entrepreneurs are leaving money on the table.
  1. Underpricing Your Services

It is critical to recognize the value you bring to clients and price your services accordingly. Underpriced services diminish perceived value, reduce your profit margins, and make it difficult to invest in sustainable growth.
  1. Not Asking for What You Want/Deserve

Putting a lid on your own desires and expectations by failing to communicate them is a recipe for missed revenue opportunities, lopsided (and not in your favor) negotiations, overwork, and burnout.
  1. Fuzzy Goals with No Clear Why Behind Them

Failing to get clear on your goals and why you've set them leads to missed opportunities, inconsistent focus, and misaligned marketing… all of which cost you money.
  1. Maintaining Too-Low Standards

Low standards impact the quality of your product or service, reduce the likelihood of repeat business, and damage your reputation.
  1. Not Recognizing Your Own Power

Embracing your value and giving yourself credit for your ability to make, manage, and spend money creates a ripple effect of abundance.
  1. Failing to Separate Self-Worth From the Numbers

The amount of money you earn and what you do with that money has nothing to do with your value as a human being. If the numbers in your bank accounts are depleted, a happy and fulfilling life is still available to you.
  1. Misunderstanding the Power of Your Choices

It may only take one decision to transform your money mindset and bring in abundant wealth. Even the smallest shifts add up to big changes.
  1. Neglecting the Money Mindset

Your decisions dictate the outcome of your money. If your mindset isn't set to attract abundance, you won't see it. You must first make the choice to do the inner work, find support, and then focus on your money-building strategy.
  1. Forgetting that Entrepreneurialism is for Generating Wealth

You didn't go into business for yourself so that you could work yourself to the bone and live in constant fear of financial ruin. You became an entrepreneur to be the author of your own future and generate wealth on your own terms.

"People are able to create anything and everything they want. They have everything they need at their fingertips. But they either don't realize that or they don't choose to do it. And I'm here to show them the way."    – Christine Walsh

Christine Walsh is a wealth generation money coach revolutionizing the way women access radiant wealth in their businesses and their lives. She coaches top-tier women entrepreneurs to magnify their money through deep reflection and mindset work, daily practices, and sound strategy developed over her 25+ years of successful finance leadership. Her book, Be The Queen of Your Money, teaches readers how to create an abundant future by transforming the financial narrative holding them back from a life of abundance on their terms.


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