DCMS Network Transforms The National Hotel with Advanced Digital Twin Technology: Unveiling Accurate As-Built Model of Existing Conditions

Utilizing 3D scanning and virtual technology, DCMS Network pioneers a new era of efficiency, guest experiences, and predictive maintenance in the hotel industry.
By: DCMS Network
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National Hotel Main
National Hotel Main
MIAMI - Aug. 14, 2023 - PRLog -- Digital twins have emerged as a revolutionary technology, redefining how businesses, particularly in the hotel industry, operate. A stellar example of this innovative approach is the digital twin created for The National Hotel Miami Beach by DCMS Network, a leader in accurate existing conditions and as-built model creation.

The National Hotel, an iconic establishment that has graced Miami Beach for over 80 years, was digitized using cutting-edge 3D scanning technology and Matterport's virtual tour technology. This process started with a detailed scan of both the interior and exterior of the building, capturing every intricate detail of this historic Art Deco hotel. The scanned data was then processed in the cloud to create accurate 3D models, resulting in an as-built model that accurately mirrored the existing conditions of the hotel.

The creation of the digital twin did not stop at the generation of 3D models. The next step involved generating accurate as-built drawings and documentation from the 3D models. This data is invaluable for construction, renovation, and facility management, ensuring that any changes or upgrades to the hotel are carried out with precision, preserving its historic charm while enhancing its modern amenities.

Perhaps the most transformative aspect of this process is the creation of a true digital twin of the building. This digital twin serves as a comprehensive and interactive platform for planning, monitoring, and managing the hotel's operations. It even extends to interior design, with the ability to visualize and plan changes before implementation.

The advantages of implementing digital twins in hotels are manifold. Firstly, it enhances operational efficiency by offering a streamlined platform for managing various facets of hotel operations. Secondly, it can significantly improve guest experience by creating immersive, personalized experiences like virtual tours. Moreover, digital twins can facilitate predictive maintenance, identifying potential issues before it escalates, saving on downtime and repair costs.

In conclusion, the digital twin of The National Hotel Miami Beach, created by DCMS Network, illustrates the transformative power of this technology. As the hotel industry continues to evolve and adapt in a post-pandemic world, the implementation of digital twins is not a mere advantage but a necessity. It offers hotels a competitive edge, combining tradition with innovation, and ensuring that these establishments continue to deliver unforgettable experiences to its guests.


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