Veterans for Trump official statement on Ron DeSantis entering the Presidential Primary

Veterans for Trump has issued an official statement on Ron DeSantis entering the Presidential Primary announced Debbie Dooley Tea Party Co-founder and Veterans for Trump Ambassador
Debbie Dooley VFAF Ambassador
Debbie Dooley VFAF Ambassador
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - May 25, 2023 - PRLog -- By Veterans for Trump: Opinion

Veterans for Trump official statement on Ron DeSantis entering the Presidential Primary

Statement by Debbie Dooley Veterans for Trump Ambassador and Tea Party co-founder:

For months, the Wall Street Billionaire Donors and Establishment Republicans have promoted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as Trump 2.0 without the baggage and worked overtime to convince MAGA voters that he was America First.

Upon careful examination of his record, Gov. DeSantis is Jeb Bush 2.0, not Trump 2.0. Gov. DeSantis is very clearly a Globalist RINO. Why on earth would MAGA Voters settle for a cheap imitation when they can have the real thing – Donald Trump?

When Gov. DeSantis was a Congressman, he joined with Democrats to co-sponsor legislation to make Puerto Rico a state and allow them to have two U.S. Senators.

DeSantis voted for TPP 3 times and took the open borders position on trade that Club For Growth did.

DeSantis voted 3 times to cut Social Security and Medicare, while at the same advocating for more aid to Ukraine.

DeSantis joined the cancel culture by asking for a Confederate Monument to be removed from  U.S. Capitol grounds.

DeSantis record on COVID is not what he claims it is.  He shut down beaches, had roadblocks at the Florida border requiring visitors to quarantine for 2 weeks. He very heavily promoted the COVID Vaccine and had a 100 year old veteran take the vaccine on Fox News to promote Florida's progress on the vaccine. He authorized vaccines for children as young as 6 months. He attended an Operation Warp Speed event in Washington D.C.

One of his top campaign aides used to work for a Soros funded NGO and for Ukraine's Zelensky.

Governor DeSantis disastrous Twitter Campaign Launch and his book tour clearly shows he is not ready to take on Joe Biden and the Democrats.

How can Gov. DeSantis defeat Biden when he cannot even defeat Mickey Mouse?

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