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Unwrapping Law Justice Ethics
Unwrapping Law Justice Ethics
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - March 25, 2023 - PRLog -- Revealed - 'Chief Justice John Roberts's wife has been getting paid millions of dollars by corporations with cases before the court.'

Another day, another damning revelation about the U.S. Supreme Court's utter lack of ethics. And this is just the latest ethics scandal to prove that the Supreme Court cannot be trusted to police itself.

And the process works undercover. The chief justice hasn't disclosed a thing about the many high-powered law firms his wife has worked for as a recruiter.

Dear Friend,

Imperato says -
"This must stop and these people must be held accountable and liable under the law of the land."

There is a close coalition between prominent politicians, corporates, and members of judicial systems. This is so almost everywhere in the democratic world. It is to subvert the legitimate processes for unlawful gains.

Daniel Imperato has been saying this for years "the judicial tyranny and political mafia is rampant in our federal system."

Who Is Daniel Imperato?

Dr. Daniel Imperato is an independent political person and a humanitarian at heart. His philosophies and training under Biblical and Constitutional guidelines are a significant addition. His struggle with the US political mafia and judicial tyranny started in 2006 when he desired to run for the Presidency of the United States.

Imperato was hounded by the political mafia operating within the United States. The Mafia accused him of fraud and left no stone unturned to unjustly destroy his life. Imperato is a law-abiding and honestly aspiring U.S. citizen.

The political mafia within the United States utilized the system to create unrelated legal cases against Daniel Imperato. This only exposed what a man of the land and Christian believer in God will have to undergo to reach for the highest office in the country.

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Justice is one of the most important ideals in our society. It is what we strive for in order to create a fair and equitable world. It is our capacity for justice that makes democracy possible. However, our inclination to injustice makes democracy all the more necessary.

Daniel Imperato is determined to fight back in the 2024 Presidential Campaign. He is destined to raise a powerful voice against the US Political Mafia and Judicial Tyranny that will not go unnoticed. Imperato will fight back for what is Best for America, and what is best for the rest of the world.

"I am a fighter and determined to usher in a bright future for the citizens of the United States. I am floating the RAPA (Revive America's Prayer Again) movement alongside the biz experience I command. Come join the coalition and bolster my efforts.


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