Internet 2.0 Conference Talks About Growing Risk Of Deepfake Tech Scam Offenses

A 3-day tech event, Internet 2.0 Conference, reviews the impact of deepfake tech scam offenses in the industry along with ways to avoid them in 2023.
By: Internet 2.0 Conference
Internet 2.0 Conference
Internet 2.0 Conference
LAS VEGAS - March 10, 2023 - PRLog -- Deepfake scam offenses are becoming an increasing concern in the tech sector. A deepfake is a counterfeit digital item made with artificial intelligence that can manipulate or replace a real-world item, such as audio, video, or photographs. The US is facing a rapidly increasing wave of deepfake scam offenses, where people can be deceived or tricked into making payments, purchasing counterfeit products, and participating in criminal activities without knowing. Internet 2.0 Conference talked about this scam offense in a panel discussion at its Winter Edition.

Panelists highlighted that deepfakes are mostly used in internet and other digital scam schemes and have created some severe concerns for consumers. So, it is extremely important to remain alert to these scam offenses and do one's research to prevent any type of loss.

The tech sector has recently seen a sharp increase in deepfake scam offenses, as these fraudulent tactics can be extremely convincing, reviewed Internet 2.0 Conference's leaders. This is due to advancements in artificial intelligence technology. Scammers have access to numerous photo editing tools to edit a person's face, change audio and videos, and create fake posts to steal from unsuspecting victims. They can create malicious applications or websites that lure victims in, creating false social media profiles with the stolen identity.

The problem has become more pervasive, as the technology used to create deepfakes is widely accessible, easy to use, and doesn't require a lot of resources. In some cases, people are even unknowingly engaging with scammers. Internet 2.0 Conference's panelists shared their concerns about how this has resulted in an uptick of scam offenses, leaving consumers and businesses more vulnerable to fraud.

To stay safe and secure in this digital world, consumers can follow a few simple steps suggested by the panelists at the Internet 2.0 Conference. Firstly, be sure to conduct thorough reviews of the items being offered online, paying special attention to online reviews. Secondly, use trusted payment methods, like credit cards and payment networks, as opposed to untrusted methods.

Technology advancements have resulted in numerous possibilities in the digital space, but they've also opened up ways for scammers to trick unsuspecting victims. Consumers should stay aware of the dangers of deepfake scam offenses and use the recommended preventative steps to stay safe. With diligence and awareness, consumers can stay secure from deepfake scam offenses and avoid being victims of malicious activities. By attending tech conferences in 2023, such as the Internet 2.0 Conference, that address emerging scam offenses and fraud in the tech industry, attendees can stay more informed.

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