Husband and wife writing team delight young readers with a rollicking sequencing story

A naughty dog leads a little girl on a hot pursuit in a tale of kindness and diversity—available in bilingual formats.
Bobo's Wild Chase English and Chinese Versions
Bobo's Wild Chase English and Chinese Versions
BROOKLYN, N.Y. - Jan. 23, 2023 - PRLog -- When a young girl is tasked with taking care of her elderly neighbor's sprightly pup, she's led on a lively chase that has her winding through city streets meeting good- hearted strangers who become friends along the way. In the spirit of "paying it forward," Bobo's Wild Chase reveals that when you give kindness, you receive kindness in return. Husband and wife author team, Ivan Lin and Stephanie Fu, bring families and educators of young children a whimsically illustrated rhyming picture book about diversity and humanity, available in English and Chinese formats.

Lin and Fu are a bilingual family who have been dedicated to speaking Mandarin and English to their young children so that they can feel a connection to their heritage and culture and identify with family members back in Asia. When the idea of a picture book blossomed in 2020, the pair relate that, "After witnessing BLM, Asian hate crime, and re-election, the message became ever so clear to us that the story's message ought to be about humanity."

Their fun and poignant story, with jaunty and painterly illustrations by talented artist Robyn Ng, is filled with diverse city neighborhoods and characters, and the reader is brought on a playful pursuit when the rascally dog, Bobo, runs after a squirrel. As Bobo's sitter, a young girl, tails him in earnest, a cumulative following ensues. Nothing is so important that the girl can't stop to help a stranger along the way—such as pointing out a red sock in a basket of white clothing at the laundromat, or reuniting a cafe patron with their lost jacket, among other instances of kindness along the chase route. Soon enough a parade of helpers return her kindness to help catch the speedy pup. "Caring bonds us together, we were strangers till now," the story tenderly shares.

Available in both English and Chinese formats (both simplified Chinese and traditional), Lin and Fu want their book to teach young readers "that all people are different, not just how we look, but what we think…Being different, whether skin color, race, gender, culture, religion, perspective, opinions, and beliefs, is normal and should not stand in the way of being kind to each other and pursuing belonging and love." Featuring jaunty and painterly illustrations by talented artist Robyn Ng, Bobo's Wild Chase is available at selective Brooklyn bookstores.

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