Personal communications with ICTBroadcast, the auto dialer software and call center software

By using Personal communication you can increase the engagement and satisfaction level of your customers. It builds strong relationships with your customers. personal communication not only does the client's confidence in your company increases, but also there are more opportunities to provide information about your products or services.
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MULTAN, Pakistan - Nov. 27, 2022 - PRLog -- ICTBroadcast is advance auto dialer software as well as call center software, It features voice based survey campaigns, IVR Studio to design custom IVR with drag and drop tools , appointment reminder as well as dialog flow integration with voice calls make it perfect choice for business of all types

On important feature of ICTBroadcast is personalize communications support using custom tokens and  text to  speech  feature that enable users to interact with their customers in personalize manner and  play auto mated recorded voice messages throughs telephone calls calling customer with their names , playing welcome message also playing information from database automatically such as updating customer with their balance or their due amount.

An example of personalize communications  can be seen in the following message:

"Hi, [contact:first_name] [contact:last_name] this is to confirm that Company Name have received your message and one of our specialist [contact:custom1] customer service representatives will soon be in contact"

In this example there are three custom tokens used to personalize the communications and there are many custom token that can be used also you can create your own custom tokens as well :


In this example, the telephone call with automated voice message  will correspond to the customer with his contact information . This information  can be uploaded via a web interface also  REST APIs can be used to automate the business proses  also integration of ICTBroadcast with your database can be made.

There are three key benefits of using such a system.

Primarily, the persona l communication can save  time .   In this manner the process of building a relationship with your client base is automated.

Secondly, the system serves as a method to strengthen relationships with your client base. With personalize  communication with the customer  not only does client confidence in your company increase but also there are more opportunities to provide information about your products or services more intelligently .

Thirdly, the use of personal interaction with clients can lead to greater conversion rates and selling. By offering automated and personalized  communications  that is personalized to each customer to your site,  the rate of conversion to a paying client or customer significantly increases. Furthermore, the retention of existing clients or customers can benefit.

The easy use of personal communications is the main reasons why ICTBroadcast is the best auto dialer software and call center software.
ICTBroadcast is product of ICT Innovations


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