National Spice Association & TCI Prepares Digital Platform for Selling and Buying Spices

TCI accommodates Indonesian spice products and helps farmers and business actors through digital technology.
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JAKARTA, Indonesia & DUBAI, UAE - Nov. 11, 2022 - PRLog -- The Indonesian government has designated December 11 as 'National Spice Day.' This step is an effort to restore Indonesia's glory as a spice-producing country. As one of the concrete steps to support this, some business actors formed the National Spice Association (ASRENAL) on November 4, 2022. ASRENAL exists to accommodate business actors, farmers, SMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises), and business owners who engage in the agricultural sector. Spices and their derivatives throughout Indonesia.

"In the past, Indonesia was known for its glory as a producer of spices, but now it is starting to be forgotten. Therefore, we want to revive spices so that the world community, especially overseas buyers, will know that Indonesian spices are still available and it has high quality," said the General Chairperson of the National Spice Association, Titi Jusup Maksudi.
She further explained. Many buyers from abroad are still interested in Indonesian spice commodities. However, they need help to directly access the purchase of spices from business actors and farmers.

Based on this, the National Spice Association collaborated with Maya Miranda Ambarsari, the business owner of PT Teknologi Cakra Internasional, to form an application such as a marketplace specifically for buying and selling spice products and their derivatives.

"With this application, it will be easier for farmers, cooperatives, and spice commodity business actors to sell their products directly to buyers, domestically and abroad, without having to go through middlemen," she continued.

Not only assisting in the marketing process through digital applications, but the National Spice Association will also provide assistance and guidance to business actors who are members to produce quality spice products, including making attractive packaging, to managing finances in doing business.

She also emphasized that all products members will trade in the application have passed the curation process. It means that Member associations can upload only quality products with attractive packaging.

President Commissioner of PT Teknologi Cakra Internasional, Maya Miranda Ambarsari, positively welcomed the formation of the National Spice Association. "With this association gives all of us an opportunity with an organization that exists as an umbrella that accommodates Indonesian spice products and helps farmers and business actors through digital technology. Thus, it can expand market share, both domestically and abroad," she said.

She also hopes this association can increase the competitiveness of national spices and their selling value. Thus, spices are no longer just commodities but also have an importance that is more appreciated nationally and internationally.


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