New silicone ink for socks and gloves from Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., introduces a new anti-slip screen printing silicone ink for socks and gloves.
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Anti Slip Silicone Ink For Socks
Anti Slip Silicone Ink For Socks
WOBURN, Mass. - Aug. 24, 2022 - PRLog -- Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., introduces the Natron-SilTex AS Series screen printing silicone inks for socks and gloves. This silicone ink line has an anti-slip (high coefficient of friction) feature, a high gloss effect, and a high-density appearance on printed cotton, polyester, nylon knit, and wool. This screen-printing ink inline is an addition to Boston Industrial Solutions' other textile print innovations, such as the Natron ST Series for tagless printing and the SilTex HD silicone inks for textiles.

The anti-slip feature allows for high friction grip. Because this ink is made of silicone, it bonds very well to wool, cotton, and other natural fabrics. Socks printed with this screen-printing ink feature high gloss and unique eye-catching 3D prints. This screen printing ink helps apparel printing companies print different designs on socks and gloves.

This new screen-printing ink benefits apparel manufacturers, socks manufacturers, sporting goods manufacturers, branding agencies, promotional products, and a variety of other organizations looking to offer sustainable, PVC-free prints. The SilTex AS series is made with high quality, environmentally safe, low energy curing silicone polymers.

The socks printed with the AS series are great for slipper applications. Slipper socks are useful as hospital socks, home care socks, or just for home use—this makes them perfect as promotional socks. The AS silicone ink is very durable. Once the socks have been printed, the prints will last more than 50 industrial washes.

"We're excited to offer this dotting silicone ink to customers as an addition to our leading apparel screen printing silicone inks. This new printing ink will enhance customers' offerings by enabling them to print on slipper hospital and promotional socks, gloves, and more. Printing on socks will enable promotional product companies to expand their product offerings and generate new revenue opportunities," said Bonaventure, COO of Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

For more information about the Natron SilTex AS screen printing silicone inks for socks and gloves, please visit:

About Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., is the world's leading supplier and manufacturer of silicone inks, silicone soft touch coatings, digital printing inks, screen & pad printing inks, UV ink primers, silicone, and silicone additives with distributors in the USA, India, Spain, Mexico, Israel, South Africa, and other global locations. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. produces high-quality marking inks and raw materials for a variety of industries such as medical devices, consumer electronics, toys, aerospace, promotional products, sporting goods, drinkware, apparel, and more.


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