NYC OCFS Lawyer Announces Client Found Not Guilty by Judge

The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC Announced Today The Not Guilty Verdict by Judge in a Fair Hearing in an ACS Case
By: Law Offices of Michael Discioarro
NEW YORK - May 12, 2022 - PRLog -- "One of the ways ACS attacks parents is by filing charges at the Office of Children and Family Services. These cases then need to be heard by a Judge to clear the parent's name. The case of ACS v. J.M. Hearing ID 110781 was such a case. The client was involved in a nasty divorce case and his estranged wife. ACS tried to destroy the father by making false allegations against the father. The acs worker was trying to destroy my client, luckily the judge saw through the case," Mr. Discioarro said.

"OCFS is a statewide agency that provides support to families and helps ACS attack parents. When a parent is accused by ACS, the office schedules a hearing. Hearsay is allowed and the ACS lawyer will attack the parent with out of court statements. These cases can be harmful to parents who work with kids, medical or social work. The hearing will then proceed and the judge will hear both sides. The judge will then issue a decision. We're so happy for our client, he's a wonderful father," he said. If you are facing a FAIR hearing at OCFS, contact The Law Offices Of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC. at 917-519-85417.





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