Newcastle Guide - Boost Your Apex Legends Season 13 Game With These Tips

New Abilities Explained, Ranked Meta Shift & Best Teamcomps For The New S13 Legend
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Newcastle Guide By Captain Carry
Newcastle Guide By Captain Carry

For years, Newcastle has been the standard bearer and defender of the small town of Harris Valley. Thanks to him, the town has been a constant haven of peace for all its residents. But Newcastle will have to face a new challenge to continue his mission of defending the weak, he will have to participate in the Apex game and prove that he can have his place as a hero among the legends.


Newcastle is an active tank but also a passive support, he can take the place of Gibraltar because he has a mobile shield -  it's easier to use and follows your movement in case you miss your initial throw. Thanks to his passive he can also take the role of a support to replace not only Lifeline but also Gibraltar. The ability to deploy a shield in front of his downed ally and being able to revive without losing speed makes him a uniquely valuable ally in the arena. By using his ultimate while aiming at an ally Newcastle will be able to jump twice as far (30 => 60 m), he can not only catch up if he is slow but he can also take positions easily!


Passive: Retrieve the Wounded

Newcastle passive recovering the wounded Newcastle reminds us of the first version of Lifeline, who could revive by protecting his ally with a literally invincible shield. Our hero has a variation of this passive. Not only will he be able to drag his allies back with a shield that protects them from frontal fire, but he will also be able to revive while dragging his ally.

Tactic: Mobile Shield

Newcastle mobile shield ability s13 Our Captain Valley can launch a drone that will activate a door-shaped energy shield that he can direct by moving it forward or rotating it. This mobile shield is sensitive to damage, we'll get to that later, Gibraltar shouldn't be out of work like Lifeline though!

Ultimate: Castle Wall

The knight will jump brutally either towards a buddy or an enemy and hit the ground to be able to put up an ultra fortified wall and create a clear and solid barrier between the enemies and his team.


The ranking system will take a breath of fresh air and introduce a relegation feature, so if you are a Diamond IV you will be able to drop down to Platinum I if you lose too many points. The points earned have been adjusted accordingly with a rework of the access costs. From now on, ranking points will reward teamwork in priority. Indeed, when you have a -72 for each Diamond game you will be forced to play with your team in order to make your game profitable. If you find yourself having difficult ranking up in Season 13 and need a quick boost, our rank up section is best suitable for new players, or people that find it frustrating playing with random comps that relly solely on the ingame matchmaking system.


The Flatline and Longbow are now available in the ground loot, so the Rampage and R-301 can now be created. The EVA-8, Bow, Flatline, P2020 and Spitfire will be the golden weapons of the season. Blue helmets reduce headshot damage by 50% (previously 40%). Purple helmets reduce headshot damage by 65% (up from 50). The spitfire goes back to the ground and the mastiff takes its original place!

For the complete indepth guide, detailed weapon & ability reviews in addition to ways to rank up in season 13 with Newcastle check out our full guide here.

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