The Business of Reversing Broken Homes

A person can go from being jobless and arguing with a spouse everyday to family wealth.
By: The Resource Scholars Show
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Turon knows wealth can start with construction.
Turon knows wealth can start with construction.
MANHATTAN, N.Y. - May 11, 2022 - PRLog -- Construction work has fed and clothed many families across the world. Good paying jobs can be the element that break a generational curse within a family. Broken homes cause broken communities. Construction jobs allow people who are serious about supporting their loved ones to go to work and make a living wage - now.

A person with no skills can go to work at a construction company and ask to be placed in a program to learn a trade. That program could be the ticket to real family wealth.

Workers do not have to possess a college degree to make a good living. They do have to understand the importance of having a strong work ethic, a teachable spirit, and consistently show up.

Arguments between couples can take on abusive tones when money is an issue in the home. A simple disagreement can become a knockdown drag out fight.

A lack of income can make couples say things to each other in anger that can cripple the relationship. "She is making real moves now, unlike you." or "He just bought a nice car while we can't even afford to drive the old beat up car we got." These words may be hurled at a mate during an argument referencing a former lover. This can lead to more anger and a break in the relationship. And, who cares that broken relationships often lead to poverty for children?

A spouse wants to say, "I got that babe," when the bill comes. That sense of wholeness builds homes and communities. Women and men alike are working to make their family lives meaningful. Couples that are smart work together. They encourage each other even through the rough times. Fortunes can change overnight for the people who has the contacts, information, and some get-up-and-go about themselves.

The Importance of Raimore Construction:

There is a construction company in Portland, Oregon that has one of the most incredible stories. It is a diverse company that actually cares about its workers; as well as their families and communities. Raimore Construction's leader, Jeff Moreland, also understands the importance of working with other businesses in the community to consciously bring about positive economic change.

Raimore has done work on major projects in Portland and is now a prime general contractor on a billion dollar infrastructure project (the I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project). That company is a ticket out of a bad family situation for one person and the answer for a family looking to do more than just survive.

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