Blockverse Partners With Cryptocurrency Projects to Provide Player Rewards for Their Augmented Reality Mobile App

Blockverse announced they have begun establishing partnerships with cryptocurrency projects. Partnering crypto projects will contribute tokens for an ongoing worldwide treasure hunt.
WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - March 22, 2022 - PRLog -- Blockverse announced they have secured agreements over the past month with "over a dozen" cryptocurrency projects. Each crypto project will contribute batches of tokens for players to find and collect through their forthcoming augmented reality (AR) mobile application.

The Blockverse AR mobile application will alert players when they are within a one kilometer radius of a cryptocurrency-filled treasure chest. Players can then use in-app radar and their phone's camera to navigate and claim the bounty.

"When players point their camera in the direction of a treasure chest, they'll see a glowing beam extending into the sky—even if it's way off in the distance," said Blockverse CEO Erik Daniel Garcia. "Using the visual cue of the beam and the app's radar, they can navigate to the treasure chest and claim the cryptocurrency," Garcia said.

Garcia, who has been incubating his metaverse concept since 2013, said Facebook's rebrand to Meta last October caused overnight interest in the metaverse. While VR is on the Blockverse roadmap, Garcia said players' first foray into Blockverse will not require an expensive headset. Garcia said he believes mobile devices—rather than virtual reality (VR) hardware—will provide "a massive initial on-ramp to the Metaverse."

"Virtual reality has significantly spiked over the past year, though it is still a niche market," said Garcia. "But nearly everyone today has a smartphone. While VR hardware manufacturers continue to seek mass adoption, mobile will be driving millions of users into the metaverse."

Garcia said he believes his company's mobile application has all the right ingredients for virality. "Blockverse combines widespread interest in the metaverse, captivating gamification, and opportunities to discover life altering stashes of crypto."

Garcia also stated that "one hundred percent of the contributed tokens from our cryptocurrency partners will go to the players."

According to Garcia, Blockverse will announce the crypto projects that have signed on in the coming weeks. He also said the company will partner with NFT projects, as NFTs will play an important role in the Blockverse ecosystem.

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Erik Daniel Garcia

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