Dr. Sara Malagold Offers Renewed Sense of Hope for Clients, Online Fans and Soon, TV Viewers

Life with Dr. Sara Weekly TV Series to Premiere Soon. Check Your Local Listings.
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Life With Dr. Sara TV Series
Life With Dr. Sara TV Series
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. - Feb. 21, 2022 - PRLog -- "Dr. Sara Malagold (Dr. Sara") is a noted neuropsychologist, television host and author who helps clients worldwide attain new levels of personal growth and healing. As the owner of Complete Neuropsychology PC in Long Island, New York, Dr. Sara and her team of licensed professionals offer a highly personalized treatment approach, addressing each client's individual needs and providing needed solutions.

A native of Uruguay, Dr. Sara holds multiple advanced degrees in the fields of Biology, Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology and Psycho-immuno-neuroendocrinology and has been treating clients in the United States since 2006. In addition to her own practice, Dr. Sara has played an instrumental role at many of the world's most prestigious universities, hospitals and medical facilities in cognitive research studies, seeking advances in treatment for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. In addition, her expertise in Forensic Psychology makes her a valued resource in a number of ways for criminal justice systems across the country.

Her upcoming weekly television show, Life with Dr. Sara, will address a specific topic each episode in a unique, entertaining format that will inform and educate audiences everywhere. "When someone finishes watching a Life with Dr. Sara episode, they'll be able to reflect on it and say they've learned new information – something that could perhaps improve a life, whether it's theirs or someone they know," she says.

At the end of each episode, a toll-free phone number will be provided for viewers seeking additional information and/or assistance about that week's topic. "Each person's situation is different because no one else has the same background, weaknesses, family, environment, or tools to grow and heal," says Dr. Sara. "While you can often find people with similar diagnoses, the way they overcome their problems could be very different! The phone number provides an easy way for viewers to get additional, specific help beyond what they learn while watching the show."

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, the need for mental health treatment has become more important today than ever. Dr. Sara's series of timely videos on a variety of Covid-related topics has proven to be exceptionally helpful for thousands of people seeking assistance during this difficult time. "There are many individuals going online to seek answers for their questions. Because they don't always know the right places to look, they often end up being misinformed, which can make things even worse," Dr. Sara explains.

"My unique online video series has been the most efficient way to approach as many people as possible, to offer them guidance, correct information and hope … as quickly as possible."


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