Steve Jobs wrote serial numbers on the Apple-1 computers

After 45+ years, it is finally clear who wrote the serial number on the first Apple-1 computers by hand. It was Steve Jobs himself in 1976.
At auctions, items signed by Steve Jobs repeatedly achieve record results.
EUSKIRCHEN, Germany - Feb. 16, 2022 - PRLog -- The handwritten numbers on the back of some Apple-1 computers, apparently representing a serial number, were the biggest unsolved mystery surrounding Apple's first computer. The Apple-1 is the most valuable microcomputer in the world.

Only 200 Apple-1 computers were produced in two batches of 100. Around 82 still exist. About 80 of the 1st batch have the handwritten serial number on the back. 29 of these 80 Apple-1 still exist. The majority of the first series Apple-1s were sold to the Byte Shop.

Since 2015, Achim Baqué wanted to solve the mystery and find the originator of the handwriting. Achim Baqué is the curator of the Apple-1 Registry, an avid collector of vintage computers and owns several Apple-1 computers. The Apple-1 Registry is a listing of all known Apple-1 computers.

Handwriting samples of Steve Wozniak, employees of the first Byte Shop and others showed even a layman that they had not written the numbers. During one of the visits to Daniel Kottke, Achim Baqué asked for writing samples of Daniel and Steve Jobs. Daniel owns some postcards and letters from Steve Jobs from the 70s.

Steve Jobs' letters and signatures always achieve record results at auctions. Such assumptions must be treated with great caution. It requires a forensic expert opinion as evidence.

End of 2021 Achim Baqué asked PSA in Santa Ana (California, USA) to do two forensic examinations of the serial numbers. PSA is one of the most renowned companies for sports card evaluation and forensic handwriting comparisons.

Two original Apple-1s were personally transported from Germany to Los Angeles (USA) for examination in November 2021 and remained there until January 2022. In addition, PSA received images of all handwritten numbers from Apple-1 computers and further handwriting samples.

The result is clear. It is Steve Jobs' handwriting!

After 45 years it could be clarified that it is a further legacy of Steve Jobs. Many owners of an original Apple-1 can be happy not only to own one of the rarest and most valuable computers in the world.

Of the 29 known Apple-1s with serial numbers, the Achim Baqué the curator is in contact with 21 owners. Hopefully, all Apple-1 owners are now encouraged to contact the Apple-1 Registry.

Why wasn't a forensic analysis done earlier? Original Apple-1 and handwriting samples are needed. A photo is not enough. And the investigation is very expensive.

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