Meta Alliance sets Olimpic fair play standards for Web3: giving back to community

The principle of giving back 90% of revenues solves the majority of problems in both Web3 and marketing domains. For instance, NFT price validation by influencers makes Metabook Telewellness platform the risk-proof one: subscriber to this unique service will get back 90%, if his NFT, endorsed by influencer, is not sold.
By: MetaAlliance
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MIAMI - Feb. 4, 2022 - PRLog -- In 2 weeks, Meta Alliance is closing the round, accepting only ESG-committed investors and partners to the syndicate of Metabook Health-Wealth Metaverse.

Top 5 personalities from this Rating of influencers by social impact, have joined Metabook reputation platform

Partnering with leading payment operator, leading Metaverse companies, such as Aimedis Health Data Exchange & VR hospital, and Smart Cities developer, Meta Alliance makes mass adoption of health and AR/ VR innovations, such as Mental Health NFT pills that adapt the user's mindset to grow from stress.

Why digital health is the forefront of the battle for leadership in Metaverse?

Digital health has the reserves for giving back 90% of health insurance premiums paid by user. That is the final value proposition of Metabook Health-Wealth Sharing Economy.

Meta Alliance aggregator of influencers (Trade Union for Web3 influencers), is able to reach 900 mln. audience of influencers in our community. The program of their activation is called Lifetime Award for innovations. All starts with top 200 digital health technologies to be promoted by influencers in NFT LTA program.

We offer to LTA partners the infrastructure and support they need to succeed in Metaverse area, to gain an exponentially larger global reach by leveraging 600K+ influencers, through a single integration point.
The LTA NFT collections will be stored in Aimedis VR Medical Museum,
AdventGalaxy and other Metaverses by Meta Alliance members.

About us.
Metabook Telewellness idea was born at WEF2020. Edward Musinski consolidared hundreds of top experts on his convergent XR Health platform. The number of Meta Alliance members is doubling each month. So the number of employees, and corporate clients. The last partners are Aidemis, Moby, ESG Association Korea and TGIPower.

Bruce Jeong, Metabook CCO, top expert at The SMART CITY Samsung: "I presented the concept of integrated Health-Wealth Metaverse, at ESG Korea Metaverse Forum, and Virtual Assets Conference. We do ratings in Metaverse, and governmental agencies consider us the backbone of convergent international Metaverse."

Edward Musinski, Metabook founder: "We are inviting only ESG committed investors and influencers to Health-Wealth Sharing MetaAlliance. To make global Metaverse transition process ethical, we have created Metabook Trade Union of influencers. The best of them are joining our Supervisory Board, like legendary Dr.Robert Goldman"



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