A New Social Network Based on Gratitude and Positivity

One Women is Changing the World through Gratitude on the internet
Bardi Toto - Changing the World with Gratitude
Bardi Toto - Changing the World with Gratitude
NEW YORK - Jan. 20, 2022 - PRLog -- The Power of Gratitude can shift the way you think about 2022 according to a New York Times author who has written several books about gratitude.

Bardi Toto, CEO of Bardi Toto Media has always made gratitude the foundation of her business and personal life. She has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and has had appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Hawaii Public Radio, PBS and DailyVee to name a few. She is the author of The Power of Asking, Kids for Gratitude, Kids for Aloha and Disrupt Your Brand. Bardi has worked with Fortune 500 Companies and Corporations and shows companies and individuals how to implement gratitude into their brands. Bardi has gotten recognition from celebrities, foundations and the News.

Two months ago, Bardi noticed an onslaught of negativity on various social media platforms and decided to do something about it. She created a new social network called The Gratitude Space (www.TheGratitudeSpace.com).

The Gratitude Space is an alternative social networking platform based on gratitude and positivity. There is no other social networking platform out there like this one which only focuses on positivity and gratitude. The platform does not allow negative posts or politics. It was designed to be a place where you can give and receive positivity, motivation and inspiration.

The Gratitude Space was birthed from Bardi's decision to make a difference and create a change. Bardi says, "with all the negativity in the news and around us, we have become complainers instead of being happy and grateful. And our children are seeing this in our homes. This is impacting our lives. The Gratitude Space is a place where you can go to change your frame of mind and find uplifting content."

Bardi has interviewed famous celebrities such as Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee). Recently, Bardi interviewed Walker Hayes, the popular country music singer and she shared the interview on her "Disrupt Your Brand" podcast and on her YouTube channel (Gratitude Lifestyle). She talks to Walker about gratitude and he even shares his behind-the-scenes intimate story which has never been heard before.

For more information:

Visit http://BardiTotoMedia.com/ and www.TheGratitudeSpace.com


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