Wordeee Announces the Publication of A Body Made To Win by Joann Love, MD

Optimizing The Body's Natural Defenses to Heal Even from the Deadly COVID-19 Virus
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A Body Made To Win
A Body Made To Win
NEW YORK - Dec. 14, 2021 - PRLog -- A Body Made to Win is a guide for people who believe the human body has the power to heal itself. The information and recommendations therein focuson the body—the ultimate machine's—ability to recover and survive from anything threatening its well-being, including COVID-19. Dr. Love contends that imperative to overall health and key to avoiding or minimizing the effects of any threat, infection, or other insults on the body is maintaining robust, healthy immune and thyroid systems,

Marva Allen, Wordeee CEO, stated, "Dr. Love's integrative approach to medicine considers the complexity of life interactions on our health, and focuses on finding the solutions to achieving optimal health. Written in plain English, and using COVID-19 as an example, Dr. Love takes us through the process of how to take personal responsibility forbuilding A Body Made to Win. This book is timely and much needed."

In addition to general information A Body Made to Win emphasizes optimum everyday health practices.Individuals suffering from post-COVID-19 Syndrome, known as the Long Haulers, will find valuable information in this book and benefit from the holistic approach to healing practiced at Dr. Love's Hot Springs Wellness Clinic in Truth or Consequences, NM.

Doctor Love emphasizes and corroborate the CDC's findings, and echoes CDC Director Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky statement that the best way to stop COVID-19, including the emergence of variants, is to follow CDC guidelines which includes COVID-19 vaccination, wearing masks, washing hands often, physical distancing, and staying home when sick.

Advance Praise for A Body Made to Win

Dr. Love offers several concise resources to maintain optimal health for this trying time as well as going forward. It is clearly written based on her many successful experiences as a medical practitioner. She describes through contextual rigor how to go beyond the confines of traditional medical avenues with proven suggestions to strengthen our self-healing immune system.

Dr. Kenneth Silvestri, Ed.D, CCH, Systemic Psychotherapist

Dr. Love has been a thyroid guru for many years now... patients not only love her but prefer her when it comes to any thyroid issue.  This is her passion, and patients benefit from it.

Ricardo Rubio, M.D

Dr. Love draws on her decades of clinical experience as a complementary health pioneer in developing her insightful and proven protocols. Designed to strengthen and balance the body's innate immune and energy systems, her no-nonsense approach goes beyond theory to offer practical solutions for working with the body to help individuals take charge of their health."

​​​​Jim English

Science and Health Editor, Author

A Body Made to Win is available on wordeee.comand wherever books are sold.

ISBN (paperback) 978-1-946274-70-0 $19.95

ISBN (eBook) 978-1-946274-71-7 $7.95

About the Author

Dr. Joann Love is the owner of the Hot Springs Wellness Clinic in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, where she practices spa medicine. She spent a decade working in emergency medicine, followed by over two decades in preventive, occupational and urgent care medicine. As a resident at Lincoln Hospital, New York, she worked with infectious diseases at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic and studied medical hydrology with renowned spa doctors in Europe. With vast experience in diverse medical training, she has seen medicine practiced in first-world and third-world countries, giving her an advantage. As a general rule, Dr. Love believes in an educated patient who fully participates in their recovery and prefers to work in harmony with their body. Shemaintains that disease is not what interests her but the recovery from disease. Her role as a physician, she firmly believes, is and always will be to pursue optimum health for her patients. She is a graduate of La Universidad Central del Este (UCE) in the Dominican Republic.


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