Expert Sports Handicapper, Wunderdog, Launches Sports Betting Advice Video Series

LAS VEGAS - Nov. 29, 2021 - PRLog -- New "How to Win at Sports Betting" educational series is the ultimate guide to winning at America's new favorite pastime.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, Nov. 29, 2021 -- Wunderdog Sports Picks LLC, a sports betting consultancy, has launched a free 10-part video series entitled "How to Win at Sports Betting." The series demystifies the world of sports betting and provides easy to follow steps on how to win more. Over 10 videos, Wunderdog arms viewers with invaluable information and advice on how to win based on his decades of experience as the nation's most-followed professional sports handicapper.

Sports betting has become America's new favorite pastime, reaching a market size of $75 billion in 2021 according to Legal Sports Report. The increasing popularity is thanks in part to a recent Supreme Court ruling that legalized sports betting in the United States. But sports bettors are finding it difficult to make money on their bets.

"While exhilarating, sports betting is an incredible challenge and the simple fact is that 99-percent of bettors lose," said Wunderdog Sports' lead handicapper.

In this free series, viewers will learn why they're losing, common pitfalls, and actionable advice to increase winning. Viewers are given expert advice from a seasoned professional on how to set and manage a bankroll, determine bet size, how to make winning picks, and avoid getting scammed.

The series offers easy-to-absorb information with insight for bettors of all experience levels, from novice to pro. It's suitable for beginners that want to understand the basics of sports betting, and for experienced bettors that want to identify what's preventing them from winning more.

Wunderdog shares how his unique handicapping approach that combines a statistical and research-based method, with an understanding of human behavior, can lead to winning more at sports betting. The Wunderdog video series empowers bettors to learn from their mistakes and turn them into profits.

"Winning at sports betting is very difficult," said Wunderdog. "While it seems logical that a deep knowledge of sports, from either a fan perspective or even having been an athlete, would give someone an advantage, the reality is that these things do not help someone win at sports betting. Winning requires a deep understanding of statistics and human nature. Often our gut misleads us when trying to pick winners."

Having studied statistics at Northwestern University and with an impressive career of over two decades of professional sports handicapping experience (featured on ESPN and the Wall Street Journal), Wunderdog Sports is the nation's most-followed sports handicapping service with nearly a half-million bettors relying on his advice daily. He has sold over 2.2 million picks in his career.

Wunderdog's 10-part series on How to Win at Sports Betting can be found at the Wunderdog website, where bettors can also sign up to receive his free picks.

"In watching your 10 part video, I noticed three things: 1. I already knew some of your philosophies. 2. I learned many things that I had not considered. 3. You reiterated things I really needed to hear. Anybody that wants to improve should listen to your views, opinions, logic & track record." - Chick Valley, Fresno, CA

"Wunderdog is the king and I have been making money off the free picks for years. The videos are incredible advice, this is legit." - Corey, YouTube

Wunderdog Sports is a professional sports betting company based in the United States. Established in 2001, the Company offers sports betting advice on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf & horse racing. All of Wunderdog's picks are documented on his website and backed by the industry-leading Wunderdog Satisfaction Guarantee. Learn more at

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