Namify Launches a Cutting-edge, Intuitive Blog Name Generator

Namify gives bloggers a chance to find remarkable, relevant, and available blog and domain names on a tool that requires next to no inputs from the user.
1000 Catchy And Witty Blog Name Ideas In 2021 Free
1000 Catchy And Witty Blog Name Ideas In 2021 Free
HOUSTON - Nov. 17, 2021 - PRLog -- Namify has launched a new and completely free Blog Name Generator to help content creators, hobbyists, small business owners, artists, mommy bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, and side hustlers, find relevant, memorable, and available blog and domain names. With just a few keywords, Namify's Blog Name Generator can curate a long list of unique and catchy blog name ideas. It also shows domain and social media handle availability across each name; a key feature that makes this tool an absolute go-to for bloggers looking to create a uniform presence across online channels. Additionally, the tool offers a free custom logo option for the blog.

When asked about the new Blog Name Generator, Namrata Arya, Product Manager, Namify, said - "There are currently over 600 million blogs out there, with content creators directing a lot of their effort towards marketing their blogs. A great name can go a long way though in cutting through the clutter and building a distinctive and memorable brand. Namify suggests creative and catchy blog names, along with their domain and social handle availability. 97% of bloggers use social media to promote their blog posts and it is important that they find a name that is available across all social media platforms so that their online identity stays consistent."

This Blog Name Generator was launched with a single goal in mind - to help individuals and small businesses effectively brand themselves across the digital space. In Arya's words, "We understand that starting a blog is a big step and the initial process can be extremely overwhelming and resource-intensive. We wanted to empower bloggers at the first, and one of the most important steps of starting their story-telling journey​. This is also why we've partnered with to offer a free custom logo to our users." Namify also has a ready list of over 400 blog name suggestions across various categories such as food, fashion, beauty, travel, photography and parenting. The generator requires minimal effort, time and resources, and generates an exhaustive list of at least a 1000 name suggestions, and shows their availability across new domain extensions like .Online, .Store, .Tech, .Site, .Press, .Website, .Space, .Fun, .Host, .Uno, etc.

Ranking 8th out of over 100 product launches, Namify got its defining stamp of approval on its ProductHunt launch day itself. And its success can be attributed to the inclusion of social media in its model. Individual content creators and small businesses often connect and promote themselves through social media communities and this tool helps them establish a uniform presence by offering names that are available across social media platforms as well.

Namify's Blog Name Generator tool is a comprehensive branding-kit for every content creator, blogger and small business looking to offer valuable industry insight on the internet. By arming them with the right name, domain extension, social media handles, and a custom logo, Namify is making their business journeys a whole lot easier.

About Namify:

Radix, the second largest domain portfolio registry in the world, recently launched a new name-spinning initiative, Namify. The intuitive and modern name generator tool is powered by Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology to offer meaningful, unique, and relevant brand names to small business owners, solopreneurs, and startups. The tool also provides new domain extension options, a free custom logo, and a special feature of checking social media handle availability. To know more, visit


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