Atlas Group LC Promotes John Whesdos As Demand For Property Management Increases

John Whesdos Property Manager
John Whesdos Property Manager
LAS VEGAS - Nov. 16, 2021 - PRLog -- Demand for Atlas Group LC Property Management services is growing.  Having over 25 years of experience just in Las Vegas, and having been voted one of the winners of the Best of Las Vegas in Property Management, makes the Atlas Group LC highly desirable from both an owner's and tenant's perspective.  Their motto is "Improving Lives, One Property At A Time".

As eviction restrictions are being lifted, more and more owners are choosing to evict tenants that did not apply for Federal, State, or County rental assistance programs.  Frequently these tenants have thousands of dollars in back rent owed.

Richard Raines, the broker of the Atlas Group LC was featured as a real estate and property management  expert on Channel 13 Action News in Las Vegas on Nov 3, 2021. The broadcast focused on the current state of the rental and sales market. Both sales and rental prices have seen the greatest increases over the past year, going up as much as 20% for some properties

As housing prices increase so do rental prices.  Potential buyers that are forced out of the sales market find themselves competing for rentals which drive up rental prices even more.  Rental owners are increasing their rents as demand increases and evicting tenants that up until now haven't paid.  These current tenants are forced to vacate to find more affordable housing.

This is happening all over the country according to Raines and is not confined to just the Las Vegas market.  Consequently, with the increase in rental activity, John Whesdos, a longtime member of the support staff, is moving to the front lines as a Property Manager.

According to Richard Raines of the Atlas Group LC, a residential property management firm with over 25 years in the Las Vegas market, "Mr. Whesdos has significant customer service skills as well as an eye for detail.  All of the tenants and owners that John interacts with love him.  We are confident that he will excel in his new position."

The Atlas Group LC has recently implemented a new Realtor Referral Program which John will be immersed in.  This will give John ample opportunity to improve his sales skills as well as his income.

Be sure and subscribe to the French Workbench podcast cohosted by Richard Raines every Saturday at 10 am Pacific Time for the most relevant housing updates.  If you would like touch base with a property manager, call the Atlas Group LC at 702-916-2222.  We would be happy to discuss any challenges you may be facing and there is never any obligation


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