UNHINGED Reviews Prove That Neal Fox and his Music are Still Relevant at age 74

Christian Toto, Editor of Hollywood in Toto, calls UNHINGED, "the protest album we need more than ever." Political pop-rock from a patriot. Available now for streaming and download on all digital platforms.
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Neal Fox as the Hatter in That Rabbit Hole
Neal Fox as the Hatter in That Rabbit Hole
SAFETY HARBOR, Fla. & TORONTO - Oct. 28, 2021 - PRLog -- Neal Fox's UNHINGED just made its presence known and is already garnering attention. This is the first album release since his award-winning, feature-length, documentary-in-music, The Conspiracy Project (2015). Pop-rock social commentary mixed with a bit of satire, UNHINGED is available now on all digital platforms.

As a truly indie artist of long-standing, Fox spends most of his time in the studio working on his projects. He writes the music and lyrics, produces the sound, creates and edits the film, and eats the food that his wife leaves on a tray outside his door. But, seriously, this is his life. Writing message-driven music is his purpose, and UNHINGED doesn't hold back.

Mindy McCall of Indie Pulse Music stated, "…nothing is off-limits for Fox lyrically because he has the ability to venture places with his sound that other poets wouldn't be able to."

Spinning the failed caption of a CNN news report for his own purpose, Fox refers to UNHINGED as a "mostly peaceful protest" album. As a political singer-songwriter with a conservative edge, he wasn't sure how this album would be received. Apparently, other than Facebook, YouTube, and Google, that isn't an issue.

Fox says, "For over 50 years I've been writing songs about the state of the world. About freedom and how we're losing it day by day. In spite of the fact that these types of songs don't pay the bills; in spite of the fact that these ideas get suppressed; I will continue to write and create videos in the hope that it will do some good, some how. It's what I do"

And, apparently, people want him to continue.

UNHINGED Official Music Video

Fishy Official Music Video

That Rabbit Hole Official Music Video

About Neal Fox

With a a fifty year history in the music business, Neal Fox has been signed to three major labels, with charted singles and a Top Ten Dance club hit. He has won numerous awards from film festivals for his music videos, shorts, and feature length film, The Conspiracy Project (a documentary told through songs, without narration). Music is his passion and his life.

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