Toolfetch Partners with Pewag to Launch Bike Theft Awareness Campaign

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Pewag Chain In A Box
Pewag Chain In A Box
ELMSFORD, N.Y. - Oct. 8, 2021 - PRLog -- Toolfetch is set to help bicycle and motorcycle owners across the US this year by partnering with security chain manufacturer Pewag to introduce their new Pewag "Chain In A Box" bike locks. One bicycle is stolen every 30 seconds in the US, which amounts to almost 2 million bikes a year. Having a bike lock is a deterrent for most would be thieves, but not all bike locks are the same. With theft on the rise, Toolfetch felt the need to offer customers a safe option for protecting their bikes. Toolfetch hopes to help customers who are looking to protect their bicycles from theft and they are sure that their partnership with Pewag and a large online awareness campaign can help bike owners better understand what they need to look for when purchasing a bike lock.

Most security chains on the market have a hardness of 56, which is consider a good rating. Toolfetch felt the need to do better and give bike users the option of a chain with a hardness of 63 HRC for added security from bolt cutters. The "chain in a box" box comes in 3 sizes and lengths depending upon the need of the user. The security chain presently comes in 3 feet, 6 feet, and 9 feet sizes with chain thicknesses of 9/32", 3/8", and 1/2". Both the 3/8" and 1/2" sizes are bolt cutter resistant. These chains can be used for bikes, motorcycles, security gates and end users looking to lock up valuables such as: heavy duty equipment to RV's. Boaters have also used this chain to secure their expensive motors as well which demonstrates the advantage that this unique security chain provides. The Pewag Security Chain is a tapered square link design, that prevents standard bolt cutters from taking "an adequate bite," which inhibits proper cutting unlike standard round chain.

These chains were originally developed as heavy duty snow chains that needed to perform in the harshest environments, after users saw how well they held up it was only a matter of time before they asked about using them for security purposes. Longer chains are also available for bike owners if they need the additional length and Toolfetch plans to offer custom sizes to those looking for a specific size. The Pewag Security Chain In A Box comes with a hardened security chain with chain cover, Viro lock, a pair of keys, and carry tote so bike owners can use it right out of the box for their bike.

Over 75% of stolen bikes cost less than $500. Toolfetch hopes to make a dent in bike theft statistics across America with their launch of the bike theft awareness campaign.

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