Natural Immunity Beats Vaccines, Avoids Adverse Events & Thousands of Deaths (VAERS): Says MD

With Covid's fatality of 0.1%, the 1918 Flu was 25 times more lethal with a mortality of 2.5%, but boosting natural immunity resulted in death of only 2 in nearly 500 patients, and we can do this, says Richard Ruhling, MD offering an example of a treatment he took that beat the flu overnight. .
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Fdashot Ade
Fdashot Ade
WASHINGTON - Oct. 6, 2021 - PRLog -- For decades, most MDs have seen natural immunity as better than from a vaccine and in spite of big money pushing the vax, Pfizer scientists privately admit this also,

The 1918 Spanish Flu had a mortality 25 times worse than what we have now, and patients went to the Battle Creek Hospital, known for their healthy diet and hydrotherapy to stimulate immunity. Their patient roster included Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Luther Burbank, Wm Jennings Bryan, JC Penny, Wm Taft.

"We've forgotten that flu season comes after the holidays with cookies, cake or candy and our immunity is decimated by so much sugar. A can of soft drink can cut their immunity to 25%," says Ruhling, reminding us that the average American gets the equivalent of 3 cans (36 tsp of sugar) a day hidden in foods.

Ruhling offers his own example. Working an emergency room, he was catching the flu with runny nose, scratchy throat, feeling cold and achy, but he had no fever. He was taught that viruses are killed faster with fever, so he took a break and filled a tub with very hot water. Immersing himself for 20 minutes, he had a fever of 102.5. As the water was running out of the tub, he poured cold water from and back several times because he was taught that it can double the white blood count (immunity) and he didn't eat any supper because he wanted those white blood cells hungry to fight the germs. He felt better and saw his patients till 11 PM when he took another fever treatment, and in the morning, he was well—no symptoms.

The British Medical Journal reported 568 healthcare workers who got Covid had 73% less severity on a plant-based diet, further explanation at

Because of the FDA warning of many Vaccine Adverse Events (see graphic) and NIH report of failed animal studies for the experimental vaccine, Ruhling believes Christians should claim their religious exemption that the Constitution offers. All Bible texts with "physicians" have a negative context as does pharmakeia, the Greek word in Rev 18:23 that deceives all nations.

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