Pour Boy: The Ultimate Pour Spout for Bars, Restaurants, and Home Mixologists

Crew Supply Co. Introduces the Pour Boy Pour Spout with an Innovative Design that Solves Current Pouring Challenges
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Pour Boy® Pour Spout
Pour Boy® Pour Spout
COLUMBUS, Ohio - June 24, 2021 - PRLog -- Crew Supply Co. (www.crewsupplyco.com/), creators of better barware through innovative and sustainable equipment, announced the introduction of the Pour Boy® Pour Spout, a true design innovation for pour spouts. A pour spout is one of the most used tools for bartenders. Yet there's been little true modernism since the tool was first introduced to bars and restaurants in the 1970s, despite known issues with them. The Pour Boy is made of an over-molded design, so it's one unit instead of two. The pour spout won't come apart when it's taken out of a bottle, resulting in a longer-lasting pour spout. Also, the design is more comfortable for bartenders' grips, and it's safer since there's no exposure to sharp steel. Finally, the design makes it easy to clean with no chance for bacterial buildup in crevices and cracks.

Pour Boy spouts come in a variety of colors for better organization and identification. Bars, restaurants, and home mixologists can design their own system to deliver drinks as quickly as possible. The design works in most standard liquor bottles and fits a wide range of bottle sizes, and it maximizes precision pouring in a high-volume environment.

"As a seasoned bartender with over 10 years of experience, I've experienced first-hand how something as simple as a pour spout can cause headaches for bartenders. When you have a big crowd waiting for their drinks, and you can't get the pour spout out of the bottle, that's wasted time and leads to unhappy customers," said Kyle McElfresh, Brand Director for Crew Supply Co. "We took the initiative to solve the problems associated with existing pour spouts. To arrive at our final design, we spent years with seasoned bartenders who tested the product until we achieved the perfect feel and flow rate for high-volume, craft cocktail bartending."

In addition to craft bartending, the Pour Boy® Pour Spout can be used for more viscous fluids, such as specialty syrups, coffee ingredients, salad dressings, and other types of liquids. The variety of colors enables restaurateurs and home bartenders to set up a customized color scheme to deliver food and beverages.

To learn more about the Pour Boy Pour Spout, its applications, and other available bartending tools, visit https://crewsupplyco.com and follow us on Instagram.

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