Beacon Launches New Universe Scrubber That Improves Program Data Accuracy and Increases Audit Success

Beacon Healthcare Systems helps payers clean all CMS Program Audit universes faster and more accurately prior to submission to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - June 22, 2021 - PRLog -- Beacon Healthcare Systems announced today the launch of its new Universe Scrubber. The robust, stand-alone module helps health plans review ODAG, CDAG, FA, CPE, and SNP-MOC universes monthly, quarterly, or ad hoc to determine compliance with CMS audit protocols. The tool's built-in logic rules compare fields within the universe and checks the data against all format requirements. Scrubber can test universes submitted by multiple delegated entities. When ready, and with the click of a mouse, the module combines the tables from multiple entities into one CMS ready universe.

"Over and over, we hear from payers how painstaking, and usually manual, the process is to pull together universes and scour them for potential errors," said John Tanner, chief compliance officer for Beacon. "Our new universe scrubber automates the data validation process, making it easy to identify errors and fix them before the universes need to go to CMS. Our clients have been hugely successful at audit after using our Universe Scrubber."

Scrubber allows multiple users to work on a universe table at the same time. Delegated entities can have the same access to work their tables and ensure accuracy. Beacon ensures that the latest universe requirements are auto loaded into Universe Scrubber so that payers are always assessing their data against current criteria. Beacon automatically updates validation rules based on CMS updates which saves clients valuable resources and time updating manual processes.

During a client implementation of Scrubber and Beacon's Virtual Compliance Manager, "We tested the payer's universes and evaluated the results," Tanner said. "Typically, the evaluation of the tables takes less than a minute, depending on the amount of data and number of errors found. In this case, the client had a universe with more than 70,000 rows, and it took just minutes to analyze all of them. The client was very pleased with the output including the time required, and the errors found."

"With consistent results like this, we know that our Universe Scrubber is truly a gamechanger," Tanner said. "Instead of processes that can include a team of people poring over data, and then trying to combine and upload their Excel files to CMS, we are ready to do this for a client in minutes."

About Beacon Healthcare Systems. Beacon Healthcare Systems streamlines the business of healthcare through reliable innovative technology delivered by industry experts. With a focus on appeals, grievances, compliance, enrollment, supplemental benefits, and analytics, Beacon HCS is the first place health plans turn when looking for a trusted, experienced partner that can help them reduce costs, grow revenue, and achieve their strategic goals. Founded in 2011, Beacon HCS is a privately held California-based company with a technology center located in Austin, Texas. Beacon is hiring!

Pamela Raley, SVP Revenue and Client Management
Beacon Healthcare Systems

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