New online platform offers one-stop booking solution for musicians, event promoters

Musicians and promoters can request a free early access profile now at
By: Get-Gigs
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LOS ANGELES - June 14, 2021 - PRLog -- As the world reopens in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, entertainers and live music venues everywhere are scrambling to rebuild.

To help the world of live music meet skyrocketing demand, two industry entrepreneurs are launching a new service to help musicians, hosts, and event promoters book their live shows.

Get-Gigs is a forward-thinking and disruptive gig trading platform that connects musicians and promoters. With the simple, easy-to-use platform, musicians can search available gigs and trade their opening slots and promoters can post and fill open dates at their venues with qualified musical acts.

Users post and filter the feed of available gigs and interact in the like-minded community with direct messaging, social promo, booking agreements, integrated maps, and a secure payment portal.  The site also features profile EPKs and a five-star rating system to encourage community accountability.

As a first-of-its-kind social community for the booking industry, the goal is to simplify the process while encouraging in-kind transactions and long-term connections.

Get-Gigs is a California-based startup co-founded by Bay-area developer and filmmaker Chris Potter and longtime artist manager Damon Moreno in Los Angeles.

"For years, I've wanted to solve the problem," Moreno said. "The age-old model of musicians cold calling promoters and hoping for a response that often never comes leaves musicians feeling defeated."

Over his management career, Moreno has secured multiple record deals and has run his own artist management company, The Inner Light Agency, for more than a decade. He's drawn from his many years as an accomplished industry insider and voting member of the GRAMMY Foundation to help shape his vision of Get-Gigs.

With, users post and trade gigs with each other: For example, an L.A-based band can post an available slot on their gig and acts in other cities offer trades. Now, they're sorting opportunities.

"It's a 'we'll bring you here if you bring us there' model that allows musicians to play new markets and sidestep non-responsive agents," he said. "Think Airbnb meets a dating app for booking live gigs. Show trading between musicians is cooperation at its finest."

"Promoters post their open dates and musicians filter and request those as well. It's an excellent option for all. We've already been flooded with signups from across the U.S. and Europe and heard from people saying they've wished for an intuitive booking solution like this for years."

Active musicians, promoters, and booking agents can request a free early access profile now at


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