Blue Baikal Set to Launch a Mobile Game Based NFT Digital Asset Service

RAFFLES PLACE, Singapore - March 18, 2021 - PRLog -- Blockchain-based entertainment platform Blue Baikal is ready to launch a reward-based NFT digital assets service. Blue Baikal is teaming up with operations partner, Goboogie Games, in preparing an NFT-based digital asset service by pairing with rare game items from AFK Battle: Idle Princess.

The service (aka, AFK Battle: Idle Princess Rare Item NFT Service) turns rare items from the game into an NFT digital item and this is designed to reward users for their time and effort they invested in game.

Designed to serve users globally, including those who are not familiar with the blockchain technology, the new NFT service will grant both avid blockchain users and general players an experience of private ownership of items and asset value as well. "There's no doubt this will contribute to the popularization of the NFT service in general," Blue Baikal stressed.

The mobile game, AFK Battle: Idle Princess is a result of the strategic alliance for blockchain game joint business that took place in October of last year. And the effort to secure this popular mobile IP in the following month is now starting to manifest in the form of NFT and DeFi business. Blue Baikal confirmed that Soco Network will remain in the development side while their strategic partner Goboogie Games will look after game operations.

They further explained they are trying out a new interpretation of digital ownership by applying the relatively new blockchain NFT and business model to AFK Battle: Idle Princess. They are confident this move will secure a revenue stream and further grow the organization fast. "We will continue to apply the same technology and business model to more games in the near future and lead the industry in actively promoting NFT-based services and products."

They expect to see an increase in peer-to-peer transactions for the rare item NFT and will promote the service through granting ownership of more items and offering a series of compensation which will prove the business value of the technology.

"We are certain this new service will offer users a unique and pleasant gaming experience. Users will finally be rewarded for the time and effort they put in to acquire rare items in game, and we are extremely happy to see them get what they deserve," said Clark Jang, CEO of Blue Baikal.


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