Why are Antique Textiles gaining Popularity as Art for Home Decor?

An interview on Home Decor & Styling Trends with Wovensouls Textile Art Gallerist - Jaina Mishra
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1259 Antique Tunisian Wedding Shawl Bakhnoug Bakhn
1259 Antique Tunisian Wedding Shawl Bakhnoug Bakhn
JURONG WEST, Singapore - March 9, 2021 - PRLog -- How long have you been curating for the Wovensouls Textile Art Gallery and how did you get into this niche business?

First, I'd like to say that Wovensouls is less of a business for me and more of a passion that was born out of collecting heirlooms. About 25 years ago, I acquired a beautiful heirloom not knowing what it was. In the brief conversation that followed with the dealer, I learnt about the cultural background of that textile and I was hooked to this category of art. Over the years the  collection grew and about 15 years ago, the Wovensouls gallery was born.

What is the profile of your clients who decorate with antique textiles?

The textile lovers who've come along to the gallery have been from all walks of life. We have had  prominent interior designers, art-savvy museum curators, wealthy Hollywood film producers, well-traveled foreign ambassadors as well as individuals decorating their own homes buying textiles from us. The common factor is the desire to be surrounded by beauty that also has a soulful cultural history.

Why is decorating with textile arts becoming popular now?

Art appeals to each one of us in a unique way, so I do not know the answer to this.  Maybe it is because textiles remind us of our grandmothers who themselves created some textile art – maybe the textiles  transport us to the good old days of bonded families and close-knit communities. Or maybe it is that in an ever-homogenizing factory-served world, people look for pieces with a strong character to express their own identity.  Antique textiles offer just that - a dignified elegant work of art with soul. As people are more exposed to cultures far away and more options are available to them through the internet, when people create their sanctuaries - at home or at work - antique textiles are being used more often.

Most people would find it hard to figure out what to do with a piece of antique embroidery of weaving. Do you offer any home styling guidance?

Yes – given that antique textile arts have grown in popularity only recently, we do not see enough examples outside niche-media around us to inspire us. So we offer online décor consulting services. We recommend textile artworks and offer ideas on framing or showcasing and create photoshopped displays using photos that clients send in.

Can everyone  afford decorating with antique textiles?

Well, because antique textile artworks are one-of-a-kind, one would imagine that they are unaffordable. But that isn't true for all - some cost less than $100.

What would you say to people who've never considered antique textiles as art for décor?

Antique textiles are not merely art – they have captured a vanished craft and they have captured the passage of time. Having such irreplaceable artworks as décor in one's home  creates an experience of beauty that satisfies more than just the vision. So to those who've  not enjoyed an antique textile yet, I'd say it's time to check out to a textile art gallery to experience one for yourself!


Jaina Mishra lives in Singapore and her antique textile collection is on sale on wovensouls.com


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