New Graphical Code Analyzer for the C Programming Language Released in Free Public Beta Program for Educational Institutions

Blue Cheetah CUB from Massively Parallel Technologies, Inc. Provides a Revolutionary Approach to Identifying Trouble-Spots and Optimizing Code
By: Massively Parallel Technologies, Inc.
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Control Flow
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - March 11, 2021 - PRLog -- Massively Parallel Technologies, Inc. (MPT) today announced that it has released the Blue Cheetah CUB software for the C programming language in a free beta program for educational institutions. Interested users with a valid .edu email address are encouraged to start their free access at Developers who are not associated with an educational institution can get details about joining Blue Cheetah's developer community through

Blue Cheetah CUB provides a revolutionary new approach to analyzing code in order to accelerate the creation of production-ready software or analyze an existing legacy code. Built on a technology foundation represented by 32 issued patents, Blue Cheetah CUB provides mathematically accurate graphical analysis of C code, which enables software developers to perform health-checks, identify and correct trouble-spots, and optimize their existing or new code.

According to the TIOBE Programming Community Index, which provides an indication of the popularity of programming languages, the C programming language held the number 1 spot in 2020 and has been in the number 1 or number 2 spot for the past 20 years.

"Applications written in C run everything from connected IOT devices to mobile apps, and from critical infrastructure in the enterprise to analytics in the cloud," said Bobbi Hazard Kenney, CEO of MPT. "The substantial base of existing C code, and the employment opportunities represented by C continue to attract new programmers to the language. With this free beta program, Massively Parallel looks forward to assisting IT departments analyze and improve existing codes as well as promoting the educational development of students learning to code in C."

Blue Cheetah CUB software analyzes existing C codes in moments, with exacting precision, and displays it graphically to enhance understanding and illuminate its structure. Solving the industry problem of increasing developers' efficiency and velocity of code development, Blue Cheetah slashes development costs while increasing software quality and infrastructure efficiency.

MPT is based in SkySong, the Arizona State University Scottsdale Innovation Center, a global business community that links technology, research, education, and entrepreneurship:

About Massively Parallel Technologies (MPT)

Massively Parallel Technologies (MPT) is changing software engineering as a discipline. The Blue Cheetah software is the code development ecosystem designed by MPT to provide the power to create, analyze, maintain, and deploy modern applications to any device from one integrated platform with unprecedented levels of automation, reliability, and optimization. MPT is redefining software development. Visit us at


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