Whose Dreams Of Hell Are More Interesting, Politicians Or Popes?

The reader may discover the answer to that question and more in this imaginative interpretation of an afterlife.
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Laughter Of The Damned - FRONT COVER
Laughter Of The Damned - FRONT COVER
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - March 3, 2021 - PRLog -- LAUGHTER of the DAMNED (New Edition) by Mike Corbett

If you could design a heaven for your friends and a hell for your enemies, you would be challenged to come up with anything as quirkily appropriate as Corbett has provided for the reader. Demons, angels, politicians and clergymen collide in this satirical ambush from the time of Torquemada to the present day. Although the subject matter touches on sensitive issues, it is the author's hope to inspire more laughter than resentment.

"A true cynic has one obvious characteristic; he cannot be disappointed."
"Heaven is an item from the cave of the thief of dreams."
"Eternity is a river of tears; tears of sorrow and of joy in equal measure."
"But in heaven, as in life, a properly assigned husband may expect to be left alone until needed (as in a fourth for bridge) as a kind of social lubricant."

Mike Corbett has spent his fortunate life in the company of stimulating people in extraordinary situations. Along with Laughter of the Damned (a satirical sendup of heaven and hell) and Mr. Nachron's List (a blend of romance, history and science fiction), he has written tactical books on poker and backgammon. Corbett is fascinated by the wavering border between reality and fantasy and he is a master of the transition from observation to interpretation.

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In support of the mission to end hunger in South Florida, Mike Corbett Books and Centrifugal Publishing will donate their proceeds of every Audiobook of Laughter of the Damned sold from March 1st through November 1st, 2021 to FEEDING SOUTH FLORIDA. We invite other authors to join us, and if Amazon is listening, they may choose to participate.

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