New reports from 83bar Patient Activation market research

* Insights from recent market tests using its integrated digital health platform
* Highlights from seven important medical categories, to compare and contrast results from tests in a range of conditions
* Implications of findings for pharma brands, medical devices, and clinical trial recruitment to accelerate and improve patient journey management
By: 83bar Inc.
83bar, the Patient Activation company
83bar, the Patient Activation company
AUSTIN, Texas - Feb. 22, 2021 - PRLog -- 83bar Inc. has published a series of reports from its Patient Activation market research. The reports are now available with key findings and conclusions for seven important medical categories.

83bar generated the report data using its fully integrated digital health technology and clinical contact platform. The company has achieved significant results with its process for provider networks, commercial clients, and clinical trial sponsors. These reports demonstrate the value to accelerate and improve patient journey management.

According to Bob Baurys, CEO of 83bar, "We're advancing patient journey management as the next step from patient activation. This data enables us to identify patients willing to begin an assessment, engage in education, and then commit and sustain their patient journey. These market reports help us listen to how patients speak."

Alex Hilderbrand, vice president of patient activation & strategy at 83bar, directed the execution of the research, as well as the compilation of the data analysis. He says, "The response and form-fill rates are consistent across disease states. When we look at a marketing funnel, the number of patients you get at the top is about prevalence. But once you get past that key variable, the rates start looking similar across different patient groups. After people take our online survey and submit, the contact rates are almost always between 30% to 50%. We also find that the percentage who meet specific criteria and who are willing to move forward is also fairly similar across campaigns. We start seeing 20% to 35% of qualified patients want to move forward."

Here are highlights from the reports.
  • HIGH-INTENT TO PARTICIPATE IN COVID-19 STUDIES: In a test to recruit patients for coronavirus-related clinical trials and patient registries, the survey included people who had tested positive or who were symptomatic. In a five-day period, 315 respondents shared their symptoms, information, and interest in registries or trials related to COVID-19. The majority are interested in learning more about clinical trials and are motivated to participate.
  • CAMPAIGN EFFECTIVENESS ACROSS KIDNEY DISEASE SPECTRUM; COMMON (DIABETIC NEPHROPATHY), TO RARE (FSGS AND IGA NEPHROPATHY): In campaigns for two kinds of kidney disease, information was collected from nearly 500 patients. In both tests, patients were identified who met enrollment criteria for clinical trials at rates higher than the industry average. In the rare disease feasibility test, 14% met the qualifying profile. Of those, 48% said they wanted to be contacted about clinical trials. In the diabetic nephropathy market test, approximately 20% were qualified and of those, 81% expressed interest to be contacted about trials.
  • SIMILARITIES BETWEEN UROLOGICAL CONDITIONS AFFECTING MEN OR WOMEN  (BPH AND UTI): In a market test in Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, 83bar collected profile information from males, with more than 70% experiencing moderate to severe BPH symptoms, while fewer than one-third had a formal diagnosis. Among those treating their BPH symptoms, seven out of ten are not satisfied with the results. The majority of respondents are motivated to seek other options for a minimally invasive procedure. In a separate test in Urinary Tract Infection, 70% of women had a  diagnosis, yet only 35% said they currently receive treatment. The majority report feeling very unhappy, and most are willing to receive a second opinion.
  • CONTRAST BETWEEN PAINFUL CHRONIC CONDITIONS (GOUT AND FIBROIDS): In the market test in men with Gout, 83bar found more than 80% of men rated their pain severe or very severe, with only 25% having no doctor-directed care. In a test among women with fibroids, 75% reported pelvic/abdominal pain and 77% claimed a negative impact on daily life – but in contrast, 78% said they were not under a doctor's treatment.
There are currently 66 market reports available for download from the 83bar website, with more being added each week. Each covers study objectives and metrics, creative design and messaging, media methodology, survey questions, key findings, insights, and recommended actions. Market Feasibility Tests are available to provide a risk-free assessment of 83bar capabilities and provide vital insights into specific patient populations.

For more information and to download any of these reports, visit

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83bar Inc. headquartered in Austin, Texas manages the patient journey from symptom to solution. We empower patients with education to help self-champion and expedite a positive healthcare outcome. Our 4-part LENA (Locate, Evaluate, Navigate & Activate) system delivers ready-to-act patients to medical providers, on behalf of our medical device, medical diagnostics, and medical sciences partners. Over the last 5 years, we have completed over 1.5 million prospective patient conversations resulting in 100,000+ successful patient pathway outcomes across 20+ therapeutic areas and associated diseases. To find out how 83bar can help your medical device, medical diagnostic, or clinical trial, visit us at

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