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Faces of Rap Mothers Enterprise
Faces of Rap Mothers Enterprise
CARTHAGE, N.C. - Jan. 20, 2021 - PRLog -- DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C., Beat Deep Books, and Little Buggy Productions imprints feature author Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell's brand and platform. Candy's first title release: Faces of Rap Mothers - Book One was nominated, Most Entertaining Hip-Hop Book of 2019. During 2020, year of the pandemic, Candy's book series resulted in a television channel and reality program and she is introducing the Faces of Rap Mothers Fathers Edition Book Series and FORM Magazine in 2021.

Rap Mothers and Rap Fathers, join Candy to share backstories, factoids, and images with readers, listeners, fans and familiars. Each experiencing creative endeavor expansion through independent brands. Faces of Rap Mothers contributors at nearly one hundred are continuously onboarding due to Candy's salacious platform sharing rap and hip-hop history and future from a woman's perspective.

So what makes Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell's brand work?
Much like Ophelia DeVore-Mitchell (i.e.: newspaper owner and publisher, business executive, producer and consultant; also, the first African American woman who rose to acclaim as a model amidst New York City's fashion society), Candy has risen to her occasion. Through her Aunt Ophelia, Candy grew in earshot of personalities such as, Dr. Martin Luther King and Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell. Noting the invitations to White House functions extended to her Aunt Ophelia from United States Presidents annually; makes it easy to believe part of her success is due to Ophelia's impact on Candy's youth as an observant young woman. Her transformative interests and human right activism (i.e.: focused on family court reform, human and child trafficking, and stopping the violence associated within the rap and hip-hop industry) are shared with readers and entertainment and activism interests both Candy and her Aunt appear to share as a key to success.

This affiliation of women, and now men, conjoins Candy's burgeoning collective-enterprise and continues marching ever onward with a zero race - religion - creed or color (now gender) bias - certainly a refreshing perspective in entertainment and business enclaves in today's world.

Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell's, Faces of Rap Mothers creations, thus far, include:
  • Faces of Rap Mothers Books One thru Ten Series,
  • Rap Mothers Save The Day Children's Books One thru Ten Series,
  • Faces of Rap Mothers Fathers Editions Books One thru Ten Series,
  • Faces of Rap Mothers Television Channel and Reality Television Program on Roku through MJOWN, Network, Muuziktyme, the NOW Network, Smile Network, and
  • Faces of Rap Mothers Magazine . . . with more to come!
Candy is an actress, author, chief executive officer and president, creator, entertainment studio ceo, executive producer, human rights activist and rap mother who currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and children.

Visit: to learn more.

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