New Year.. New You.. A New Guide for Integrating Healing Crystals and Stones Into Your Life

Certified Crystal Instructor and Healing Therapist Releases New Book About Connecting with Crystals from A to Z
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Connecting With Crystals Book Cover
Connecting With Crystals Book Cover
NEW YORK - Jan. 5, 2021 - PRLog -- Renowned crystal authority, speaker, teacher, and healing therapist Laurelle Rethke today released her debut book Connecting with Crystals: Crystal Wisdom and Stone Healing for Body, Mind, and Spirit, published by Castle Point Books—an imprint of St. Martin's Press Group/Macmillan Publishing. This timely, invaluable resource, written for enthusiasts and the curious who want to integrate the power of crystal energy into their lives or healing practice, excites with vibrant imagery and a comprehensive A to Z guide for over 250 of the world's most sought after crystals, gems, and minerals.

"I wrote this book to invite and empower others to connect with the natural world and themselves in a deeper, more palpable way," says author Laurelle Rethke. "Through crystals, we get to know ourselves better while alleviating stress, anxiety and fear, allowing us to manifest happier and healthier lives. The wisdom I've gained by working with stones is immeasurable, and as a practitioner, I've enjoyed guiding others to awaken their inner wisdom too."

Laurelle believes the earth is a manifestation of the Divine, created by the Source of all things. With the healing properties linked to the physical properties each stone has a purpose, shown to affect us on the constitutional level, and will assist us with every aspect of our lives—physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Her easy-to-understand guide to using crystals in your daily life will uplift and inspire you, helping you arrive at a deeper holistic understanding of yourself and the world around you.

This new perspective explores crystals for integrated wellness, complete with full color photos and in-depth descriptions, plus invitations to "try them in your life" and fun tidbits. The substantial opening chapter offers tips to select, care for and work with stones, highlights foundational knowledge about the body's chakra system, and shares how to engage with crystals through meditation, gridwork, and laying-on-of-stones—imparting signs to look for throughout your journey.

With a comprehensive glossary and detailed index, this is truly a must-have crystal reference guide that can connect everyone with the healing power and wisdom of stones. Drawing on her two-and-a-half decades working with minerals, rocks, gems and other vibrational healing modalities while impacting thousands globally through her educational symposiums, courses, and practitioner certifications, Laurelle's interpretation connects us to the magic and mystery of life.

Connecting with Crystals: Crystal Wisdom and Stone Healing for Body, Mind, and Spirit by Laurelle Rethke
Castle Point Books
St. Martin's Publishing Group/ MacMillan Publishing
Release date : 1/5/21
ISBN: 9781250272133
272 Pages
Available on, Barnes & Noble, and booksellers everywhere.


Laurelle Rethke has been using nature's medicine for over 25 years. Founder of 5 Sense Healing and The Faerie Den in New York City, she is a teacher, speaker, and vibrational healing therapist who believes our relationship with the natural world is key to connecting us to the Divine within ourselves. As a master of crystology and energy healer, she seeks to empower you to be your most connected, present and aligned self.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact The Faerie Den.


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