Crypto Land Is Calling For A New Coin While Its Rates Skyrocket

Whether it comes to world renowned cryptocurrencies or niche coins, the truth is digital money seem to take over the world, yet there is still a lot of work to do. From laws and regulations to blockchain technologies and features, digital currencies are not perfect, yet they keep improving with every new coin released.
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Brian Larsson
Brian Larsson
NICOSIA, Cyprus - Nov. 23, 2020 - PRLog -- In the attempt to make things easier especially for offshore business people, OffShoreCorpTalk has decided to introduce an innovative cryptocurrency that will most likely revolutionize the industry.

Cryptocurrencies represent a trend these days. They are seen as investments, as well as futuristic solutions to bypass middlemen in the banking system. They are fast, efficient and can seriously reduce the fees associated with transactions.

Brian Larsson has proven his vision by establishing himself as a prominent figure in this industry. His experience and education on cryptocurrency and offshore applications have drawn the attention of thousands of people interested in finding the ultimate solutions to benefit from the industry.

His OffShoreCorpTalk forum project has drawn business individuals from all over the world, as well as newbies seeking help in reaching success while running businesses overseas. The idea of a new cryptocurrency came out as an actual necessity for these individuals.

The new coin has not been named yet, but it is being worked on. It will most likely be released at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. Some of the features associated with it have already been discussed with professionals in the industry.

The coin will add up to 100% of the value of EUR, meaning it will have a relatively high value given the way EUR competes against other currencies. At the same time, the new cryptocurrency will also be backed with physical gold.

New details are likely to be released prior to the official date. Its logo has been made public and it highly relates to John Locke – a philosopher referred to as the father of liberalism. The message is pretty clear – a decentralized coin that respects liberalism.

Brian Larsson of OffShoreCorpTalk is not just trying to launch a new crypto, but he is also pushing the bring cryptocurrencies and gold closer. In a world where more and more investors debate between gold and cryptocurrencies, this new coin aims to build a bridge between the two industries.

According to Brian Larsson, "I see an obvious necessity for those who are not sure what cryptocurrency to rely on. The truth is the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a bull run and large companies and individuals alike invest, but nobody is fully convinced of their investments. There is an obvious need for a spectacular coin to revolutionize the industry and this is what we are trying to achieve in the near future."

OffShoreCorpTalk is a digital platform dedicated to cryptocurrency investors and offshore businesspeople. Its primary role is to educate individuals on business solutions, raise awareness and provide access to guides and business discussions. Mentoring is also available. It is run by Brian Larsson. The informative forum can be accessed at


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