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By: PrimeArray Systems, Inc.
BOSTON - Oct. 29, 2020 - PRLog -- Network-attached storage (NAS) is a data storage solution connected to a computer network. However, unlike other solutions, NAS systems are flexible, allowing for scale-out. Thus, companies have a solution that simplifies not only data management but also one that keeps pace with the demands of growth. With speed, storage, and security being the primary factors, specific requirements that need to be met.

PrimeArray Systems is excited to provide NAS solutions that excel in all requirements across a multitude of industries. From media and entertainment to life sciences, PrimeArray is helping unify data with nondisruptive operations and seamless scalability.

STORAGE – In the data storage world, the capacity and size of drives are continuously changing. Advancement in hard drives has changed the NAS world. By allowing network administrators to run as few drives as possible with a vast amount of storage, up to 20tb per drive, companies are saving on operating costs.

SPEED – A vast amount of storage is ideal, but without speed, it is nothing. 12GB/S SAS and SATA interfaces speed up data transfers for efficient operations.

SECURITY – NAS servers offer the highest levels of data security with hardware protected against failure, antivirus protection, and FIPS encryption.

From enhanced caching, the ability to scale up, off-site backup, and ECC memory, all on a petabyte-scale, NAS data solutions are the only solution for 2021. Boosting performance and creating a scalable, collaborative working environment has never been more attainable.

*PrimeArray Systems certifies to the best of our knowledge that the item quoted is in the upper 25 percent of efficiency for all similar products as designated by the Department of Energy™ Federal Energy Management Program.

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Since 1999, PrimeArray Systems, Incorporated has provided affordable options for storage and distribution of valuable business data. Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, PrimeArray has become a world leader in customizable, dependable data storage products for corporate, government, institutional, and educational networks. By offering products configured to tailor each client's exact requirements, PrimeArray has delivered solutions to thousands of satisfied customers.

To learn more about the latest NAS solutions and how PrimeArray Systems can assist in simplifying your data management, contact their team of experts at (800) 433-5133, or visit PrimeArray online at

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