Autonomous Announces First Ever Standing Desk with User-Adjustable Anti-Collision Feature

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Adjustable Anti-Collision
Adjustable Anti-Collision
SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - Oct. 22, 2020 - PRLog -- Autonomous, Inc ( has just announced a first-in-its-class anti-collision safety feature in its upcoming SmartDesk 4, set for release in early November.

The SmartDesk 4 is Autonomous' latest ergonomic home and corporate office solution, featuring their signature minimalist aesthetic and customizability already available in their existing SmartDesk 2 lineup. New integrations with technological solutions, as well as improved stability and durability, make this not only Autonomous' most ambitious standing desk to date, but a singular solution with features not available in competing standing desks.

Among those new features is an anti-collision sensor that automatically detects obstructions and stops immediately to avoid causing damage or injury. The sensitivity parameters can be adjusted to low, medium, and high sensitivity for obstructions above and below the desk. This is especially useful for remote workers who share their rooms with pets and small children.  In the event that your pets or little ones are below the desk as it lowers down, the desk will be able to detect their presence and stop immediately to prevent any accidental injuries.

"We heard our customers asking for this feature," says founder Duy Huynh. "So our team of engineers has worked tirelessly on incorporating a reliable and responsive anti-collision feature that would add a new layer of dependability and reliability to our standing desks. We're extremely proud of the result and can't wait for our customers to see it in action."

This safety feature is only the latest in a long line of announcements related to this feature-packed new desk. It also includes a groundbreaking new app that integrates seamlessly with the desk via iOS or Android, giving users granular control over all the desk's features at their fingertips.

The new app also includes timing features that optimize users' workdays for the best times to sit and stand, as well as taking breaks and getting some exercise. To aid users with this, the app also includes a free library of exercise guides and videos for staying active and healthy, without having to leave the desk.

The smart app and safety collision feature work harmoniously to resolve safety and health concerns, especially for people working from home. This, combined with the SmartDesk 4's color and wood finish options, makes this highly customizable desk ideal for any office or home workspace.

Autonomous has recently shifted their strategy in light of the global pandemic as working professionals' needs have changed dramatically, and many people contend with an extended or permanent work-from-home mandate.

The SmartDesk 4 promises to provide an unprecedented level of customizability, health, and safety for remote workers--as well as a hugely helpful productivity booster.

The SmartDesk 4 continues in the lineage of Autonomous' other beloved flagship products, featuring rock-solid build quality and guaranteed consistent performance for years. The new dual-engine electric motor is not only more powerful—capable of lifting up to 350 pounds—but quieter than ever before with a maximum of just 40 dB. The lifting capacity alone is a 15% increase over its previous SmartDesk models.

Those interested in staying up-to-date on release announcements for the upcoming SmartDesk 4 should subscribe to updates via the Autonomous website now:

Autonomous is expected to release more details about the SmartDesk 4 prior to its upcoming November launch.

About Autonomous

Our journey started after launching the SmartDesk on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo in 2015. Since then, we grew into an international company, reaching $100M revenue in just 5 years. Today we are a well-known brand of smart office furniture. The rapid growth of our customer base is a seal of approval that Autonomous products live up to their consumer expectations and budget. Not only do we manufacture the most affordable office furniture, but we are also the ambassadors for the smart working movement worldwide.


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