Trifecta for Home Sellers- Taking Advantage of the Market

By: BFS Realty investments
12741217 Peter
12741217 Peter
DENVER - Nov. 20, 2020 - PRLog -- Currently, the housing market is experiencing strong buyer demand with a low inventory of homes available for sale. In the Lakewood area, the medium number of days a home is for sale is less than 10 days and the current inventory of all homes available is less than one month. To put this in perspective, a "normal" market has 6 months of homes available for sale. For home owners that have considered a move, there is a good chance that their home can be sold at a premium due to multiple offers. This is what Peter Wassileff of HomeSmart Realty refers to as taking advantage of the market. Peter says- "you have heard before, that it's all about timing the market"; that is true about the real estate or the stock market. Its important to know when to sell and when to buy. The same is true for ones' home, which is probably the largest asset someone owns. However, here is the problem- for those that have considered selling their home, they probably have looked around online for homes and realized there is nothing for sale that their family would like. The biggest mistake Peter sees homeowners make is to stay in their home for a couple of more years if they truly would like or need to move. Home values today may be close to their peak. Peter points out that home values always go up and always go down. This defines a peak, so it makes sense for homeowners to sell their home now provided they can find a home they can move to.

Peter has created what the Dream Home Finder Program. The way it works is if buyers tell Peter exactly what they are looking for clear down to the area, price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, pool, first floor bedroom or whatever someone is looking for, Peter will go out and find unlisted properties owned by people who are considering a sale, but don't want to go through the hassle of staging their home and have people walking through their home during COVD-19. These owners of the unlisted homes are willing to sell to someone that will pay them fair market value for their home. These unlisted homes do not have a sign in the yard or a link with photos. This gives a prospective buyer a chance to beat out others buyers since there will not be a multiple offer situation- they will be the only buyer that knows the home is for sale, thereby avoiding any competition that could drive up the price of the property. This gives homeowners 3 big benefits- 1) by selling their current home now, through Peter's target marketing approach, Peter will attract lots of buyers interested in their property potentially with multiple offers thereby selling the home for more than market value- a premium. 2) on the buy side- Peter says, "You have heard that money is made when you buy." If buyers go the traditional route, they will find a house for sale, write an offer, and there will be a good chance that there will be several other offers. The only way to get that house is to pay more for it than anyone else. This is not a good way to buy. What Peter does, is sell the owners home at a premium, but on the buy side, Peter will find  unlisted properties so that they are the only buyer that knows the house is for sale circumventing any competition and 3) Interest rates are at an all-time low, so you can lock in a low rate mortgage for their family. This is what Peter calls the trifecta of timing the market.

To learn more on how to take advantage of this market, contact Peter at or call 303-910-2753.

More info about Peter's Dream Home Finder Program by viewing the video at

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