Open Source AI Aims to Detect Child and Elder Abuse and Neglect

New AI monitors for and alerts loved ones to potential abuse and neglect of their children and aging family members.
AI to combat child and elder abuse and neglect.
AI to combat child and elder abuse and neglect.
CARLISLE, Pa. - Sept. 14, 2020 - PRLog -- Each year child abuse and neglect is discovered at thousands of childcare facilities and those over 60 have a 16% chance of becoming a victim by a caretaker. Sadly, most abuse and neglect is not detected until substantial physical and emotional damage has been done. Two innovators believe technology can help.

"While nanny and security cams record abuse and neglect, without monitoring they offer little defense. Our AI addresses this shortcoming as it detects verbal and physical abuse in real time and instantly alerts loved ones to minimize trauma." - Dr. Nathaniel Ashby, assistant professor of cognitive analytics and co-founder of God Mode AI.

Dr. Nathaniel Ashby and Jonathan Korn are developing artificial intelligence (AI) that monitors audio and video (e.g., from a nanny cam) in real time for abuse and neglect. The AI will record potential incidences of verbal and physical abuse as well as neglect, and instantly alert family members via a text message or email. They plan to make it free to everyone.

"This adaptable AI is an effective tool for individuals to keep their families safe. Everyone should have access to it. Someone's finances shouldn't determine their ability to protect their children and loved ones from abuse." - Jonathan Korn, law enforcement veteran and co-founder of God Mode AI.

To develop the AI as open source the two are crowdfunding the project rather than relying on investors expecting a monetary return. They have set-up a Go Fund Me campaign and plan to release an initial version of the AI in the second quarter of 2021.

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