With the Release of His New Audible Book, GIVE A DAMN! Mark S. Lewis Starts a Movement

Author asks that readers take the American Accountability Pledge
By: Mark S. Lewis
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Amazon best-selling author, Mark S. Lewis
Amazon best-selling author, Mark S. Lewis
NEW ORLEANS - Aug. 13, 2020 - PRLog -- Amazon best-selling author, Mark S. Lewis, is proud to announce that the audible version of his book, GIVE A DAMN - The Ticket to Cultural Change is now available on Audible.com.  Lewis' book promotes his belief that traditional values such as honesty, trust, accountability, responsibility, altruism, and integrity are the foundation of moral wealth and prosperity. He explains that since these traits are not integrated into our thoughts and actions, we need to embrace the GIVE A DAMN! philosophy - the commitment to putting others' needs before those of self in both big and small ways to improve interpersonal relationships and motivate and inspire positivity.

An inspiring business mentor, coach, consultant, and speaker, Mark S. Lewis has facilitated and moderated CEO Round tables across Louisiana for the past seven years. Through his practical advice and positive message, he has helped hundreds of CEOs and individuals accelerate their growth both personally and professionally.

"I wrote this book to provide individuals and organizations with the tools they could implement for developing a stronger awareness and understanding of their toxic thoughts, which can lead to behaviors and actions that are selfish, irresponsible, and destructive. This occurs globally across all organizations, government, and in the home," Lewis explains. "GIVE A DAMN! creates an acute awareness of what has led us down this path and also provides the solution for a simple but challenging mindset change that is necessary for society to prosper. Positive cultural change in society begins with you and me".

More than a book, Lewis explains that his goal all along has been to start the GIVE A DAMN! Movement and the time is NOW! He asks everyone to take the American Accountability Pledge on his website, www.giveadamnbook.com. The pledge asks everyone to implement the GIVE A DAMN philosophy, a commitment to serving others and to do so without ego, criticism, condemning or complaining.

With guest appearances on multiple radio, television shows and podcasts, Lewis is off to a great start in starting his cultural revolution. Call him at (504) 905-4646 or visit www.giveadamnbook.com for more information.  Please Take the Pledge and Join the GIVE A DAMN movement today.

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