Astor Capital Fund to Establish Charitable Giving Wing – $47M Project

A New Focus on Community, Education, and Environmental Sustainability
SAN FRANCISCO - July 6, 2020 - PRLog -- Astor Capital Fund Capital has launched a $47M initiative to establish a charitable giving wing that will bring a refocused commitment to the causes of education, community building, and environmental and sustainability issues.  Astor Capital Fund is seeking to increase its philanthropic impact in 2020 and beyond with the announcement of the new fund. Historically, the institution has been very vocal about its commitment to philanthropic giving, however with the new initiative, has added a new focus and dedication specifically to those who shine a light on environmental issues and sustainability, community rebuilding, and education.

"Our approach to philanthropy includes a 'this-can-be-solved' perspective, but also, this year for our team particularly, the need to increase giving and redirect funds, came with a real sense of urgency," said Astor Capital Fund CEO, Thomas Mellon. "Thus, as we establish the recipients of our charitable giving fund, we do so with a re-focused intention. That is, we have decided to concentrate on rebuilding devastated communities, those that have suffered economically. Additionally, we have dedicated a commitment to work with small businesses that are at the forefront of environmental sustainability. And, last but certainly not least, we seek to support young people in learning technological skills as they matriculate into universities, and eventually, the workforce. It is our great honor to be a part of this community, a privilege and a responsibility we do not take for granted. Our goal in announcing this $47M initiative is of course, to increase our annual giving, but as I stated earlier, more than ever, we do so with a sense the urgency."

The Great Community Impact

In the establishment of this $47M giving wing, and in collaboration with community leaders, Astor Capital Fund Capital has concentrated its 2020-2021 charitable giving on addressing the urgent issues in and around our community.

Examples include:

§  Education - Through the Education Way program, Astor Capital Fund team members announce a dedicated commitment to volunteering within various community organizations that educate young people in technology, including those that teach programming, coding, and IT. Our Education Way fund not only seeks to allocate grants to those programs that lead the way in technological education, but also strives to refocus our commitment on leaders within the field and within our own communities.

§  Community Rebuilding – The Community Build-Up core giving program, is an initiative dedicated to allocating funds that will help to rebuild communities that have been devastated economically, whether that be via the impact of natural disasters, job loss and economical decline, or crime increase. With this community initiative, we intend to name several non-profits as recipients of philanthropic gifts, as well as to support community activists who are on the ground making a real difference.

§  Environment and Sustainability – The BETTER Earth Program is our focus on education. We have launched an educational initiative both company-wide and for those in the community. With the world in a climate crisis of extraordinary proportions, we are dedicating millions to support the work of those nonprofits that work with communities on environmental, sustainable building, green infrastructure, clean technology advancement, and renewable energy options.  Inclusive of this program is our own internal initiative to educate and grow our Astor Capital Fund's environmental and sustainability commitment company-wide, both nationally and globally, and thus our commitment to carbon reduction through 2030.

"We approach a time in history when we find ourselves at a precipice, standing at the edge of a cliff in terms of the climate crisis. We recognize there is a need for change. The call has moved from 'when' to 'the time is only now,'" said Oliver Hawthorne, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Astor Capital Fund, "but we can't ignore the economic cloud that burgeons many Americans who are simply working to make ends meet. So, while we recognize the urgency to give, we also see the need for education. We plan to offer options and sustainable partnerships with several non-profit organizations, as well as providing education and grant incentives to small business owners who have a commitment to sustainability."

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