Disobedient Nation, Disobedient People, Evil They Are! Synonym: Agents of Destruction By Joe Simon

By: Spickum Publishing
Joe Simon
Joe Simon
NEW YORK - May 18, 2020 - PRLog -- Spickum Publishing reporting, Bishop Joe Simon says, "Disobedient nation, disobedient people, evil they are. They are always rebelling against God, always lying, always refusing to listen to the Lord's teaching. They tell the Prophets to keep quiet. They say don't talk to us about what's right, tell us what we want to hear. Let us keep our illusions and they say get out of our way and stop blocking our paths. They say we do not want to hear about your Holy God.

"The road of the wicked, however, is as dark as night. They fall but cannot see what they have stumbled over. If you refuse good advice, you are asking for trouble. If you follow it you are safe. Never forget that leadership must protect its people and communities in time of danger, in time of fear and in time of turmoil. If and when leadership fails to do its job of protecting its citizens and communities, leadership must be removed. Where are the Prayer Warriors?"

Rev. Dr. E. Faye Williams, National President of the National Congress of Black Women who has been working with Bishop Simon on voter registration said, "Bishop Simon and I have been working on our online voter registration project for several months now when we realized we would be unable to personally go into communities to register people in person. There is so much at stake in the 2020 elections, so I am thankful to Bishop Simon for bringing in the prayer warriors. If we ever needed them, we need them now. If nothing more, the coronavirus has taught us that we are not in charge of God's world.  God is still in charge, and we need prayer warriors to plead our case."

Bishop Simon says, "My friend, it is an honor to speak to you about the problems, the actions, the process and the evil destruction of the human race destroyers. This I speak for your own good-- not that I may cause a snare upon you, but that you may attend upon the Lord without destruction.  Don't forget to vote! Be sure you are registered so that when November 3, 2020 comes, you are prepared to make your vote count.

"If you are not registered to vote, you've moved since the last time you voted or changed your name, do the following: Go to https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote; Check Voting and Elections and follow the prompts; If you need help, call the helpline at 877 805-8447 and we'll have someone to assist you."

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