Caringo Launches S3 Object Storage Appliance Line

Dense and economical Swarm Servers enable content-driven organizations to keep archived assets instantly accessible for remote workflows and streaming
By: Caringo, Inc.
Caringo Swarm Server Diagram
Caringo Swarm Server Diagram
CEDAR PARK, Texas - April 23, 2020 - PRLog -- Caringo, Inc. announced today that their Swarm Object Storage is now available on a new line of Swarm Server Appliances. The on-prem private cloud storage solution starts at 168TBs in a Single Server Appliance, and scales to 100s of PBs in multi-server configurations. This latest addition to the Caringo product line enables customers to reduce costs while supporting the growing demand for instantly accessible data and content for collaboration, streaming and monetization.

Swarm Server Appliances start at 32% less than the cost of other on-prem object storage solutions and 42% less than Amazon S3 storage service fees for the same capacity over 3 years. Deployment is flexible and fast. Organizations can expand in a matter of minutes and easily scale to 100s of PBs with integrated backup to any S3-enabled device or service for seamless disaster recovery and cold archiving. This means that content-driven organizations can now optimize their on-prem resources and benefit from the distributed protection of the cloud while ensuring their content is instantly accessible for continued use and monetization.

"We recently deployed the new Swarm Servers for a professional sports team and they were up and running in a matter of hours," said Liz Davis, Vice President, Media Workflow Group from Diversified. "They went with Swarm Servers instead of tape to ensure they had immediate access to their videos for production and to enable streaming services in the future. We recommended Caringo due to the ease of deployment, excellent value and feature set."

In addition, version 11.1 of Caringo Swarm Object Storage Software has been released which brings enhancements to S3 protocol compatibility and performance as well as email and Slack alerting. The new update facilitates scaling for large clusters of over one-thousand nodes and integrates Elasticsearch 6 while delivering many valuable features to end users, including built-in data management, and secure file sharing.

Tony Barbagallo, Caringo CEO, said, "Digital content and how it is consumed has dramatically changed over the past few years, forcing organizations to quickly modernize their storage infrastructure. With our new line of Swarm Server Appliances, we can help customers quickly find a solution that fits their data center footprint, cost and performance requirements—so they can deliver instant access to archives, enabling remote workflows and streaming services."

Swarm Server Appliances and Swarm 11.1 are available today. For more information, visit


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